Sunday, August 18, 2019

4 Creative Ways To Use Greenery In Your Decor

There are various reasons why using plants and greenery can make your home or office space look creative and elegant. There are some typical ideas that can renovate the look of your place and there are some that are more creative. Below are 4 of our most creative ways you can enhance the look of your decor.

If you're a real plant person and don't mind the maintenance then using real greenery is an option but if you're too busy to take care of real plants you can choose to use artificial plants instead. You can get the same look without the hassle and most people cannot tell the difference.

You can use many types of plants according to the type of place you have and the space you want to fill. We've chosen our 4 top concepts of decorating your place with greenery so that it looks more elegant and welcoming.

Utilizing a Bar Kart

A bar kart is not a really expensive item to buy and it can fit in a small space making it great for apartments or small rooms in your home. You can use a bar kart with a number of different small plants to create a soft yet edgy décor. You can also create a proper mini-garden in a bar kart if you’ve got enough knowledge about the plants that can grow indoors.

Being that the cart has wheels, you can even move the mini-garden wherever you want according to your mood or in relevance to an event.

Put Some Palm Trees Indoors

If you have a room with a lot of sunlight you can easily place palm trees in your room to give it an exotic look. If you have no natural light you can always use artificial palm trees. You don’t need to bring in huge palm trees, there are types like Kentia palms, areca palms and others which are ideal for a room in a home or office. Typically artificial palm trees which do not require any kind of maintenance are very popular as they look realistic and often have real palm tree trunks making them more realistic than ever before.

Dried Eucalyptus in a Hall Way

The hallway of most businesses and houses are generally pretty empty because most people don't know what to do with all this space. Take some inspiration from some resorts around the globe then bring it home in a smaller scale. One idea we've come up with is using dried or artificial eucalyptus and hang them from a wood stick on a wall. This not only breaks up the blank space in a hallway but it adds some greenery and a design element to tie your rooms together. Of course you can use other plants such as ivy or even flower vines, it's up to you and your own tastes.

The dried eucalyptus branches are easily available in different flower shops and they can last for a long time. You can easily hang these branches on the coat rack also in the entryway of your home or office.

Use the Walls

You can create a beautiful combination of pictures and greenery on your walls by placing a few shelves for small pots and adding some photographs that look good alongside these plants.

There are different plants like lucky bamboo, Chinese money plant, cactus, Polka dot plant, Livingstone plant, etc., which can fit on a shelf and you can even paint your wall in a certain ways to create a beautiful combination.

Adding a painting or using frames with creative pictures or sayings in them can make the wall your own. Put some books on one of the shelves to make them look more elegant. Your guests will notice and feel more comfortable with your creative shelf design. These are just 4 creative ideas that you can run with and experiment with. We would love to hear from you so leave a comment below and tell us what you've done to enhance your decor.

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