Monday, June 24, 2019

Floral Arranging Tips and Tricks Of The Pros

A floral arrangement can be pretty tricky and difficult to handle. Normally you would see a beautiful arrangement of flowers in a floral shop, but after purchasing them and placing them at your place they Just don't seem to have the same effect.

Floral arranging is definitely an art and it is quite hard to become an expert in within a few days, but with some tips and tricks, you can definitely change the look of your place with such arrangements. 

You need just a little bit of creativity and imagination to pull this off and the rest of the guidance would be provided by us in this article so let’s start talking about the tips and the tricks that will help you out.

Placing the Flowers in a Wide Mouth Vase

If you're arranging the flowers in a wide mouth vase or a bowl you will face a certain problem in which the flowers will fall to one side which can make the whole arrangement look un balanced and quite literally pretty bad.

In order to prevent the flowers from falling to one side, you can use tape with the bowl to give support to the flowers to remain in that perfect arrangement.

Artificial Arrangers

You can find artificial arrangers in the market which are available in different shapes and sizes. You then place these arrangers on top of your vases or jars, and arrange flowers accordingly. They provide a certain shape and support to arrangements and will hold the arrangement together. You won’t have to worry about the flowers falling to one side or the other. You can even bend these arrangers and change their shape according to your own style which makes them even better. The ones above from Amazon are inexpensive and work well when arranging artificial flowers in faux water.

Using Jar Lids 

Different ideas attract the eyes of the different guests so you need to improvise in order to make your place look more beautiful. The jar lids designed for floral arrangements are one way of doing it. These lids can fit on different kinds of jars and you can place multiple flowers in them.

There is no issue of watering as you can take off the lids easily to add a touch of water. Changing the flowers are also not a problem and you will always find the arrangement in the perfect shape because of the support of the lid.

Using Leaves to Hide Stems 

The stems of some flowers and plants don’t look as beautiful in a floral arrangement, so you can use different leaves in the base of a vase or a bowl in order to make the arrangement look more elegant. If you don’t have such leaves you don’t need to use the see-through vases or bowls and you can use steel pots.

Different flowers in a vase with green leaves at their base will definitely add an element of high design whether you place them in your office or in your home.

Once you have created the floral arrangement that suits your style, you just need to do some slight maintenance such as cleaning the dust off once a month or so to keep it looking beautiful and fresh.

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This is a fabulous site. I love these tips. Truly a "Pro" now.

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