Thursday, June 27, 2019

4 Simple Arrangements That Will Make A Big Difference In Your Decor

Floral arrangements have been a popular way to decorate a house, for hundreds of years and people spend hundreds of dollars in order to create beautiful arrangements for their homes. Each event demands a different kind of arrangement and you need to have a creative mind to realize which arrangement will suit the occasion. These ideas can make a big impact on your next party or just liven up your decor. Here are four simple arrangements which are suitable for different events and they help you make your home look beautiful for all seasons.

Arrangement with Pebbles and Glass Jars 

Normally glass jars and pebbles are not associated with floral arrangements, but they can create a cute combination, especially if you add small LED lights which create a stunning ambiance during the evening hours. Arrange a combination of flowers in a glass jar which is filled with pebbles at the bottom or you can arrange the pebbles around the jar.

These jars don’t occupy much space so they can be set anywhere in the house, making the choice of where to place them easier for you.

Use the Old Bottles 

In every household, you come across different kinds of used bottles having different colors, sizes and shapes. Normally such bottles are considered useless, but what if you are able to reuse them in a beautiful way? in most cases you only need to clean the bottles and place some seasonal flowers in them to give them a new look.

You can create different arrangements with the help of these bottles in your home. Wine and Soda bottles are ideal for floral arrangements and when it comes to flowers, lilies can look really elegant in bottles. Use your imagination when it comes to bottles by painting them in a color to match your decor. The possibilities are endless.

Flowers in a Basket

Flower baskets have also been involved in old legends and fairy tales because they add color to a situation. Different baskets can be used as flower baskets in your home for magnificent floral arrangements and it's also possible to paint these baskets with different colors to make the arrangement more attractive.

The combination of different colored baskets and different flowers can definitely make your home look more beautiful. In order to preserve the freshness of the flowers, you can put in a treated sponge as it does a wonderful job.

Reusing the Flowers 

Often the broken flowers from a bouquet are thrown away or broken flowers from an arrangement are displaced. These flowers can get a new life if you place them along with their buds in ceramic, steel, or a glass bowl. In Asian homes, it's one of the most popular flower arrangements involving floating flowers and mud made oil lamps floating on water.

It's also used in different kinds of temples because it gives a minimalist perspective to the whole environment. This flower arrangement is not at all expensive, but it impacts the onlookers because of the different use of flowers and involvement of water, which is one of the most important earthly elements in human life.

If you have a simple arrangement that helped impact your decor we would love to hear about it in our comment section. We hope this article will help you make small changes in your home that will have a big impact on your decor. Sometimes it's the small details that make the biggest difference.

Monday, June 24, 2019

Floral Arranging Tips and Tricks Of The Pros

A floral arrangement can be pretty tricky and difficult to handle. Normally you would see a beautiful arrangement of flowers in a floral shop, but after purchasing them and placing them at your place they Just don't seem to have the same effect.

Floral arranging is definitely an art and it is quite hard to become an expert in within a few days, but with some tips and tricks, you can definitely change the look of your place with such arrangements. 

You need just a little bit of creativity and imagination to pull this off and the rest of the guidance would be provided by us in this article so let’s start talking about the tips and the tricks that will help you out.

Placing the Flowers in a Wide Mouth Vase

If you're arranging the flowers in a wide mouth vase or a bowl you will face a certain problem in which the flowers will fall to one side which can make the whole arrangement look un balanced and quite literally pretty bad.

In order to prevent the flowers from falling to one side, you can use tape with the bowl to give support to the flowers to remain in that perfect arrangement.

Artificial Arrangers

You can find artificial arrangers in the market which are available in different shapes and sizes. You then place these arrangers on top of your vases or jars, and arrange flowers accordingly. They provide a certain shape and support to arrangements and will hold the arrangement together. You won’t have to worry about the flowers falling to one side or the other. You can even bend these arrangers and change their shape according to your own style which makes them even better. The ones above from Amazon are inexpensive and work well when arranging artificial flowers in faux water.

Using Jar Lids 

Different ideas attract the eyes of the different guests so you need to improvise in order to make your place look more beautiful. The jar lids designed for floral arrangements are one way of doing it. These lids can fit on different kinds of jars and you can place multiple flowers in them.

There is no issue of watering as you can take off the lids easily to add a touch of water. Changing the flowers are also not a problem and you will always find the arrangement in the perfect shape because of the support of the lid.

Using Leaves to Hide Stems 

The stems of some flowers and plants don’t look as beautiful in a floral arrangement, so you can use different leaves in the base of a vase or a bowl in order to make the arrangement look more elegant. If you don’t have such leaves you don’t need to use the see-through vases or bowls and you can use steel pots.

Different flowers in a vase with green leaves at their base will definitely add an element of high design whether you place them in your office or in your home.

Once you have created the floral arrangement that suits your style, you just need to do some slight maintenance such as cleaning the dust off once a month or so to keep it looking beautiful and fresh.

Sunday, June 23, 2019

5 Great Artificial Topiary Ideas You'll Love

Topiaries are well-suited plants for the interior of a home or office and any home décor is incomplete without the inclusion of topiaries. You'll definitely make your hallway, room, garden, or entryway more elegant if you can decorate them properly with topiaries. There are 2 different options to utilize these plants.

Either you can buy a real topiary or you can use artificial topiaries. Apart from being live or artificial the main difference between both these types is that you don’t have to take a lot of care of the artificial plants while the live ones require your attention almost on a daily basis.

We'll show you 5 great ideas on how to decorate your home or office space with the help of artificial topiaries.

1.      Using Herb Topiaries

The herb topiary is created by using the leaves of different kinds of herbs. In the artificial version you'll have to look at the leaves as they are generally made of plastic or fabric. The formation matters for artificial topiaries, so you'll need to look at the leaves and whether they look fresh or not. Placing one or two in an entry way can have a great effect when visitors walk into your home.

You can also place the herb topiaries in a group to create a stunning view point for a room.

2.      Faux Boxwood Topiary

The artificial faux boxwood topiaries are ideal plants for an entryway or a hallway. They are pretty tall and usually found in ball shape connected to one another. If you can place them in the light they start shining a bit, which makes them look more beautiful.

You don’t need a lot of investment to buy these plants so they won’t break the bank.

3.      Decorating with Jasmine Topiaries

Jasmine topiaries are ideal for placement near windows and even in gardens. Although you don’t need to place an artificial plant in the garden it definitely enhances the elegance of the space no matter where you put it. Some of our expert designers will place artificial plants along with live ones and you would be surprised at how well they blend in.

The live jasmine plant has a pleasant fragrance which can be duplicated using an essential oil such as the one below and the pot can be filled with pebbles to make it more beautiful.

4.      Moss Topiary

Now we're talking about the smaller topiaries and the moss topiary is one of the more popular ones. It's a pretty cute plant which can be placed in smaller pots as it doesn't look as proportionate in larger pots unless you can put 3 to 4 of them together. Even the artificial version is pretty fluffy and bright and hard to tell from the original.

All it needs is a bit of dusting in the name of maintenance.

5.      Shaped Topiaries

You can also create a shaped topiary such as the heart shaped one below by using a wooden frame or asking a plant provider to create a customized version of topiary for you. It's also very easy to create these topiaries in your home and all you need is a few supplies.

If you're new to arranging plants and flowers, don't worry, there are plenty of pre-made shaped topiaries available to you online or in store. Take a look around at our selection or if your feeling creative look at our stems and make your own. Either way you'll have a lot of fun creating something that will warm your home or office with beauty.