Thursday, May 2, 2019

5 Best Artificial Plants For Home Décor for 2019

Plants bring life to an environment and it can be difficult to grow real plants, but there is an option and you can easily decorate your home with artificial plants. There's no hassle involved in maintaining these plants so you don’t have to give a lot of your valuable time once you have arranged them properly.

There's no need for watering them, and they won’t wilt or die along with being attractive for a number of months or years. The artificial plants come in various shapes, colors, and sizes so you can easily find the right one according to the space you have in your home.

We've created a list of 5 best artificial plants for home décor for 2019 so let’s take a look.

Beebel Ivy Hanging Leaves

Silk ivy hanging plants are one of the best artificial plants for home décor in 2019 because the leaves look very real. These hanging vines will add delicacy and elegance to your home. Most leaves are pretty soft because they are made from special fabric and the stem is made from plastic making it long lasting.

There's only downside to this plant is the fact it won't grow, but you that's a benefit if you don't have a green thumb.

Artificial Japanese Fruticosa

It gives a minimalist feel but the sophistication and the elegance is what everyone looks for in their home décor in 2019. This artificial plant or tree is easy to handle and it can be placed anywhere. Usually, the original version of it is placed in temples all around the globe.

You can add your own pot and the leaves of this plant also look quite real. You can add some stones or moss at the base to make this small tree more attractive.

Artificial Sago Silk Palm Tree

Palm trees are pretty famous all around the world and you can easily spot them at different beaches making the view more esthetic. Now you have an artificial palm tree which can easily be placed inside your home and you don’t need sunlight for it to survive. This artificial plant has lush green leaves and it looks pretty lively.

Normally it comes with a small basket as a base, making it look more beautiful and it is also pretty lightweight so you can move it around to different areas without much effort.

Artificial Agave Plant

The agave artificial plant is an ideal choice for home décor with its lush leaves pointing in different directions and its lively appearance. Most people won't be able to tell whether it’s artificial or real and may want to touch it to tell the difference.

As it is lightweight so it can easily be set up anywhere and you can sprinkle some water every now or then on its leaves to make it look even more real. There is no maintenance required so you can keep it for months or even years without any hassles.

Artificial Boston Fern Silk Plant

The Boston fern silk plant is another great artificial plant for home décor in 2019 because everyone has such a busy schedule so finding time for maintaining a real fern is pretty hard due to the fact it like moist environments. This particular artificial plant is generally smaller in size, but looks quite elegant no matter where you put it.

It gives an exotic look with its lively leaves and once you have re-arranged the leaves you don’t have to do anything else in order to set it up in your home. It is easy to clean and requires minimal maintenance once in a while which isn’t difficult at all.

So there you have it, the 5 best artificial plants for home decor in 2019. We would love to hear what you have to think and what your favorite plants are for this year so be sure to leave a comment below and follow our blog for more tips and news.

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