Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Decorating Ideas For Silk Flower Arrangements and Silk Trees

If you’re looking for an alternative to real greenery, consider decorating with silk flower arrangements and silk trees. You can choose from a variety of silk products, which gives you many options when decorating your home.

Here are some tips for decorating with silk flower arrangements and silk trees.

Match Your Interior

Match your flowers with the walls or cabinetry, or you can simply match your flowers with certain accents. For example, if the area rug or pendant lights in your kitchen are green, you can enhance the look with green silk flowers on the counter.

Create A Centerpiece

There are several ways to create a beautiful centerpiece with silk flower arrangements. One is to surround a wooden or white lantern with silk flowers to create a country centerpiece. Create an elegant centerpiece by placing a candle on top of a cake stand and surrounding it with the silk flowers.

Use Tin Cans

Give your home a vintage look by placing your silk flowers inside tea, coffee or soup cans. You can clean and re-use your own tin cans, or you can purchase tin cans from thrift stores or flea markets. If you can find tin cans in older designs, Even better. The best part is you do not have to worry about drilling holes in the cans for drainage like you would for real flowers.

Using Silk Trees in Your Decor

In addition to decorating with silk flower arrangements, you can also compliment the flowers arrangements with silk trees. It is a safer option for a home with children and pets, and a better option if you cannot maintain a real indoor plant. There are so many different options with silk trees such as ficus, maple, palms and almost every tree imaginable comes in an artificial version. Here are some ideas for decorating your home with silk trees.

Conversational Area

Use your silk trees to enhance the conversational area in your living room. Place a silk tree on either side of your couch and chairs to bring attention to the seating arrangements. If you’re looking to create a conversational area in your kitchen, consider placing a silk tree on one end of your breakfast nook, with just enough room to enter and exit the bench. You can also invest in an outdoor silk tree to enhance the conversational area on your patio or deck.

Hide an Unsightly Area

Silk trees are great for hiding unsightly areas, such as cords and outlets. All you have to do is place the tree in front of the area you wish to hide. You’re sure to notice a beautiful ficus, bonsai or flowering tree instead of your chargers or wall outlets. You can also use silk trees to hide imperfections that can’t be repaired yet, from chipped paint or plaster on your wall to a small stain in your carpet.

The sky is the limit when you’re decorating your home with silk flower arrangements and silk trees. Whether you’re enhancing your interior or hiding an imperfection, you’re sure to come up with something that works for you.

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