Friday, March 22, 2019

Best Wall Décor Ideas For Your Home

Empty walls are filled with possibilities, and you can use the blank walls of your home sweet home as a canvas to display your interests and hobbies. Moreover, walls are the single largest open spaces in any home, so, if you’re trying hard to decorate your home, try putting more attention to the walls, you won’t be disappointed.

    Here are some tips and tricks you can use to decorate your walls and make your home beautifully put together.

Gallery Wall:

    Gallery walls are a great way to keep your memories together in the shape of pictures, paintings, and other colorful art pieces. For this purpose, select a relatively smaller and lightly painted (preferably white, off white) wall which is easily viewable to anyone entering into your room. Buy simple, cohesive frames of different sizes to represent simplicity and class. But try not to overcrowd things, only hang your key pictures (your wedding, graduation and birthday pics, etc.) on a gallery wall.


    Gallery wall not only enhances the beauty and look of your home but also gives the visitor an idea about your personal interests and important life experiences. This adds character to your beautiful home.

Use Large Art Pieces:

    Hang a large scale art piece on one of your walls; this would draw everyone’s attention by adding more detail and meaning to the wall. Choose a black and white image of beautiful scenery or get a colorful one with the colors matching the wall behind. The art piece should be vibrant and high quality, as this would be the main focus.

    Large scale art is best utilized in living rooms with plenty of natural light entering through the windows. This makes the room look organized and clean.


    Fabrics are a lot easier to hang on the walls. You can also remove them easily when moving to a new home as compared to the wall paintings. It's up to you to choose between the two, but let's clarify that fabrics and wall paintings are equally good to enhance the beauty of your home or apartment.

    Hanging a piece of well decorated and high-quality fabric to a wall in a room adds class and sense of softness to your space. Vintage scarves or other good textiles are another option for a textile look. Try and choose some exotic, eye-catching colors with unique designs.

Smaller Decorative stuff:

    You don’t need to go into the minor details to make it work, but choosing various smaller art pieces would definitely help. You can buy a clock with different art pieces around it for added detail, hang an oversized mirror or several smaller ones in salon style to make the room look bigger, hang some fine plates with your kitchen wall and so on.

    The choices are literally endless, but you should always invest in the things which give you a good ROI (return on investment). Try and skip the useless, expensive stuff that adds no value to your home and only digs a deep hole in your pocket.

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