Wednesday, October 9, 2019

How Artificial Topiaries Can Make Your Space Look Elegant

Artificial plants have made a comeback in the previous few years because they are pretty easy to handle and they don’t need a lot of maintenance. The quality of these plants has also increased incredibly in the previous few years and now they look quite similar to the original plants and you cannot tell the difference from a distance.

This is what people are looking for today. Something that doesn’t require a lot of their time but still can make their place look better. Artificial topiaries are one of the plants that seem to be most popular and are used at a lot of places these days. Today we will talk about how these plants can help you enhance the elegance of your decor.

Using Olive Topiaries

Artificial topiaries are easily available online or in some stores, but you need to choose the right kind of topiary according to the design elements in your space. Olive topiaries can be suitable for any place, whether it’s an office space, an event space, or a home.

Artificial olive topiaries are inexpensive and simple so you can achieve the target of making your place more beautiful without spending a lot of money.

The Freshness 

Artificial topiaries give a fresh look to any place and as they come in different sizes and different types you can choose any type according to the type of space you are decorating. The natural look is what most people are looking for and the lush green leaves of the plant makes people wonder if they're real or not.

You can also spray some water on the leaves to make the plant look more fresh just before a gathering. When purchasing these plants real wooden trunks give the topiary a realistic look, so look for those if it will be displayed in a high traffic area.

The leaves play an important role in improving the appearance of a plant. You need to think long and hard before buying a plant because it should be a one-time investment. Even if you're spending a big amount on a high-quality product you won’t regret it because it will serve you well for years to come.

The Elegance 

Whether you're choosing an olive topiary or any other type of topiary they will enhance your space with a touch of elegance. You'll not only change the look of a place for better, but studies have shown that having greenery in a home or office makes people feel more welcomed and relaxed.

Greenery is necessary for any kind of space because as human beings, we need to feel closer to nature and plants are the best way to acquire this feeling regardless if they're real or not. The artificial topiary plant is easy to handle and they don’t require any kind of watering. You won’t have to deal with the dirt and dead leaves issue which is common with the live version of the plants.

You can place artificial topiaries in any kind of pot or simply purchase one already set in a decorative planter. Here at we have a huge selection of artificial topiaries in all styles potted and non potted. Browse our selection by clicking here.

Sunday, August 18, 2019

4 Creative Ways To Use Greenery In Your Decor

There are various reasons why using plants and greenery can make your home or office space look creative and elegant. There are some typical ideas that can renovate the look of your place and there are some that are more creative. Below are 4 of our most creative ways you can enhance the look of your decor.

If you're a real plant person and don't mind the maintenance then using real greenery is an option but if you're too busy to take care of real plants you can choose to use artificial plants instead. You can get the same look without the hassle and most people cannot tell the difference.

You can use many types of plants according to the type of place you have and the space you want to fill. We've chosen our 4 top concepts of decorating your place with greenery so that it looks more elegant and welcoming.

Utilizing a Bar Kart

A bar kart is not a really expensive item to buy and it can fit in a small space making it great for apartments or small rooms in your home. You can use a bar kart with a number of different small plants to create a soft yet edgy décor. You can also create a proper mini-garden in a bar kart if you’ve got enough knowledge about the plants that can grow indoors.

Being that the cart has wheels, you can even move the mini-garden wherever you want according to your mood or in relevance to an event.

Put Some Palm Trees Indoors

If you have a room with a lot of sunlight you can easily place palm trees in your room to give it an exotic look. If you have no natural light you can always use artificial palm trees. You don’t need to bring in huge palm trees, there are types like Kentia palms, areca palms and others which are ideal for a room in a home or office. Typically artificial palm trees which do not require any kind of maintenance are very popular as they look realistic and often have real palm tree trunks making them more realistic than ever before.

Dried Eucalyptus in a Hall Way

The hallway of most businesses and houses are generally pretty empty because most people don't know what to do with all this space. Take some inspiration from some resorts around the globe then bring it home in a smaller scale. One idea we've come up with is using dried or artificial eucalyptus and hang them from a wood stick on a wall. This not only breaks up the blank space in a hallway but it adds some greenery and a design element to tie your rooms together. Of course you can use other plants such as ivy or even flower vines, it's up to you and your own tastes.

The dried eucalyptus branches are easily available in different flower shops and they can last for a long time. You can easily hang these branches on the coat rack also in the entryway of your home or office.

Use the Walls

You can create a beautiful combination of pictures and greenery on your walls by placing a few shelves for small pots and adding some photographs that look good alongside these plants.

There are different plants like lucky bamboo, Chinese money plant, cactus, Polka dot plant, Livingstone plant, etc., which can fit on a shelf and you can even paint your wall in a certain ways to create a beautiful combination.

Adding a painting or using frames with creative pictures or sayings in them can make the wall your own. Put some books on one of the shelves to make them look more elegant. Your guests will notice and feel more comfortable with your creative shelf design. These are just 4 creative ideas that you can run with and experiment with. We would love to hear from you so leave a comment below and tell us what you've done to enhance your decor.

Friday, July 26, 2019

5 Best Uses For The Basement Of Your House

If you are building a new home to move into it or have bought an old one, you might consider finishing its basement before moving in. There are many benefits to a finished basement. It increases the resale value of your home, adds much more living space and it can also be rented to make some extra bucks.

    But before starting to finish your basement, it is important that you determine what you would use it for. This will make sure that your family's needs are satisfied. Here are 5 of the most popular ways of how you can put the basement of your home into use.

Home Gym:

          It's sometimes hard to manage your gym time in the morning, and gym memberships are also somewhat expensive these days. Instead of walking a long distance to a nearby gym, you can always invest some money into making a home gym in your basement. This way you can use all your favorite equipment you use in your exercises. This can save you both time and money in the shape of gym memberships.

Extra Guest Room:

    Accommodating the visiting friend and family members can be a headache, especially for the larger families that don’t have any extra guest rooms in their home.

          A finished basement can be used as a standby guest room for any visitor and guests. You can also add a bathroom to provide complete privacy for your guests. The guest room can also be used as an apartment and can be a great source of extra income specially if you live near a university or tourist attraction. Tourists and students can provide you a steady flow of income with minimal effort.

Gaming Area:

         Do you love late night gaming on the weekends and parties? If yes, then your best bet is spending a little money on your basement to convert it into a downstairs gaming room. Add insulation in it to enjoy gaming while everyone upstairs enjoys their sleep without any distraction.

    You can also add some pieces of furniture and a good sound system to make it the perfect package.


    A basement home theater can provide a calm place for your friends and family to watch movies and play games on weekends and family gatherings. Use lighting dimmers to lower the light while watching movies. Also, invest in a big screen that's easily viewable to everyone sitting in any part of the room. With the cost of movies and popcorn nowadays, basement theaters are becoming more and more popular and the popcorn is much cheaper.

         Transforming your basement into a home theater will provide your family with a safe place to watch all of their favorite movies.

Basement Bar:

    Do you party often? Then investing in a basement bar is the way to go. Transform your finished basement into a bar to organize all of your corporate and family gatherings downstairs.

    Instead of using all the space on a basement bar, you can also mix the things up by pairing the bar with other things like the gym, gaming area or theater. These are just 5 of the most popular ideas for your basement. Please comment and let us know what creative idea you did with your basement.

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

We Bet You Didn't Know This About Artificial Plants

In the late 70s, artificial plants started losing their value because they looked tacky and fake, so people preferred original plants instead. With time the quality of artificial plants increased and the life schedule around the globe got busier and busier.

Now people find it hard to take time from their busy schedule to take care of real plants because they do require quite a lot of maintenance. There are some other reasons to purchase artificial plants over real ones and they're pretty good reasons to think twice before you purchase real plants for your home or office interiors.

On the other hand, displaying artificial plants is easier and less time-consuming and with today's technology its getting harder and harder to tell them from the real thing. So subsequently artificial plants have become quite popular in recent years, especially when it comes to home décor.

Artificial Plants Don’t Lose Their Elegance

The artificial plants are timeless as they never grow old like original plants. You don’t require a particular season to get a plant and you don’t even need the environment to be perfect for them. So you can have palm trees, cacti, roses, etc. no matter where you live around the world.

You can easily place these plants wherever you want and you don’t need to think about watering them on a regular basis or fixing their angularities.

Doesn’t Create Any Mess

Using artificial plants for home or office décor won’t create any kind of mess like a real plant might. There's no dust factor or water involved so you won’t have to clean any kind of dirt or have any water damage from spillage on your floor.

There won't be any dead leaves falling off the plants or trees, whether you are using hanging plants or simple plants for decorating a space. Artificial plants will retain their look if you buy them from a premium quality supplier and good material is used in their formation.

An Investment For a Lifetime

Have you ever wondered how much one has to spend on a weekly basis if he/she decides to buy fresh plants? One of the biggest reasons behind the comeback of the artificial plants is that people want to save money, hassle and time these days.

Artificial plants last for a long time, even if you have to spend a little more up front you'll save money in the long term and in some cases the short term also.

Artificial plants are more vesatile than real plants because of the ability to interchange them easily to adjust your decor changes.

Safety for Kids, clients and Patients

In some cases real plants are not good for people with lower immune systems or allergies. There is a list of plants that can release allergic toxins creating breathing issues, especially in a particular season. Not to mention if plants are over watered they can sometimes grow toxic mold which can become airborne and cause issues for many.

We all know about the issues of pollen allergies all around the globe. The artificial plants just provide you with their beauty and elegance and they are not at all harmful to people in this way.

You can also mix your favorite perfume with these plants to increase their scent which is not an option when it comes to original plants because they have their certain smell and some of them also attract different insects which are another concern. So when your taking time to decorate your home keep in mind all these factors and check out some of the artificial plants online to see what we're talking about, you'll be surprised at the quality.

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

4 Best Tips To Get Rid Of Odors In Your Home

   Most of us don't even know our homes smell bad because we live in it, making us numb to the smell. To make your home smell good, you’ll have to really search out the source and eliminate any factors that might lead to a bad smell. But sometimes you just need a quick fix. To make it easier to locate the source of a smell, have someone that doesn't live with you come in. Ask them to be honest and most likely they'll tell you if your home smells like fart or something of a lesser odor.

       The first step is determining the problem, once it is detected, then comes the second step, eliminating the cause of the smell. Here are some quick tips you can follow to get rid of a bad smell in your home quickly.

Replace The Air:

    It is quite obvious, if you want to get rid of the old, smelly air, then open all of your doors and windows and let out the old air and replace it with fresher, new air.

        If you have windows on both sides of the rooms, that’s a better option because this will allow a cross breeze. Turn on the ceiling fans or whatever ventilation source you use to let the fresh air replace the old foul smelling air.

Use Sprays Or Other Fragrances:

        Using air fresheners, sprays, plug-ins, and various other good smelling fragrances is a popular option to get rid of the bad smell in your home. Try to avoid mixing them all up and using too strong fragrances, as this can add up with the existing smell to further worsen the smell.

    Keep in mind that using these type of fragrances in your kitchen, if to strong, can be soaked up by some of the food in your cupboards. This can make for an unpleasant eating experience so if you need to use fragrance in your kitchen try to use subtle aromas or simply use Arm and Hammer Baking Soda to soak up bad odors.

Keep Your Carpet Clean:

    Carpet can be the origin of many bad smells specially if you have pets in your home. It is almost impossible to clean your carpet by only vacuuming. Dirt and sometimes bacteria can slowly build up causing your home to smell. If you want to get a better idea if this is happening in your home just get down on the floor and put your nose to the carpet and take a whiff. the smell will be more concentrated the closer you get your nose to the floor.

         A good option to clean up the carpet is using a carpet freshener. Just sprinkle on the carpet before vacuuming, and you’ll smell the results within minutes. For light colored carpets, you can use baby powder if you don’t have a carpet freshener available in an emergency visitor situation. Just remember that the powder will take some time to get out of the carpet so a slow deliberate vacuuming is recommended.

Finding the Most Common Cause:

      You can use all the quick methods to get rid of the bad smell of your home immediately, but the smell may keep returning until you diagnose the real cause of the smell and eliminate it permanently. Take a quick look at all of these things if you find it hard to get rid of the ordor in your home.

Garbage Disposal
Garbage Cans
Old rugs
Broken Cooking Appliances

    As an immediate step, first of all, clean your home thoroughly and throw out all the unnecessary stuff. Then proceed to deep-cleaning to eliminate the problem permanently.

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Can You Tell The Difference?

When mixing artificial plants with real ones in an outdoor environment, it's hard to tell the difference where the live ones end and the artificial ones start. Take a look at one of our customers creations and see if you can tell the difference. Can you spot the artificial plants?

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

7 Of The Best Living Room Decorating Ideas

A living room is the heart of any home. This is the place where you spend most of your time and where your guests mostly sit. So, making your living room colorful and pleasant is inevitable.

However, you don’t necessarily need to spend a fortune when decorating your living room. Just some lifestyle and design changes can help you big time in setting up an awesome looking living room inexpensively.

          Here are some of the best living room decorating ideas that you can use to make your home more attractive.

Paint The Walls Differently:

           Use two to three colors for painting your living room walls and mix the things up. Add one accent wall and prepare it to hang some art pieces. This adds more class and uniqueness to your living room, and you don’t have to spend much money.

Use More Art:

    Use your living room to express and showcase your hobbies and personal interests. Make a gallery wall and hang some important key memories with it. Hang some decorative baskets with another wall to make it more useful. The main goal is to make one wall the focal point of your living room.

Go Green:

         Use this method to decorate your living room with some greenery; plants can also provide you with fresh morning air, they can filter out any harmful particles in your living room's air. Use plant pot on your center table or hang it to accent the main wall. If you don't want the maintenance of real plants then silk plants work beautifully in their place.

Use Symmetry:

    Humans love symmetry, so, you can use this symmetry method to improve the look of your living room without spending even a penny.

    The best and least expensive way to watch a video online such as the one below. Improve the balance, and you’ll start witnessing the results straight away.

Keep It Clean:

    Nothing is more satisfying than living in a clean house. Cleanliness costs nothing but your time, and the results are rewarding. So, keep the large pieces of your living room furniture clean and fresh looking. Use a duster to keep unsightly dust from forming on your furniture, you'll be surprised on how much this makes a difference.

    You should try to spend a bit more on the quality furniture that stands the test of time better than the cheaper versions. A strong, well painted and clean furniture piece automatically looks awesome and eye-catching.

Use Big Mirrors:

    This one might sound a bit obvious, but believe us, this works really well especially for relatively smaller living rooms. The reflection of big mirrors can make your living room appear bigger and more spacious. This works specially well if you place them directly across from a window that can reflect the natural light throughout the room.

    That’s a trick most of the home staging experts use when preparing the home for listing photos.

Use Popping Colors:

    Just like the three color palette technique most popular by designers when decorating kitchens, using some popping colors in your living room also helps big time. You can use some bright colored throw pillows on your couches or even use some colorful art on a blank wall to enhance the look of your living room.

You don't have to utilize all of these ideas but implementing one or two can make a huge difference when having guests into your home for a dinner party or gathering. Utilizing these elements can make for better functionality and conversation making your party a success.

Thursday, June 27, 2019

4 Simple Arrangements That Will Make A Big Difference In Your Decor

Floral arrangements have been a popular way to decorate a house, for hundreds of years and people spend hundreds of dollars in order to create beautiful arrangements for their homes. Each event demands a different kind of arrangement and you need to have a creative mind to realize which arrangement will suit the occasion. These ideas can make a big impact on your next party or just liven up your decor. Here are four simple arrangements which are suitable for different events and they help you make your home look beautiful for all seasons.

Arrangement with Pebbles and Glass Jars 

Normally glass jars and pebbles are not associated with floral arrangements, but they can create a cute combination, especially if you add small LED lights which create a stunning ambiance during the evening hours. Arrange a combination of flowers in a glass jar which is filled with pebbles at the bottom or you can arrange the pebbles around the jar.

These jars don’t occupy much space so they can be set anywhere in the house, making the choice of where to place them easier for you.

Use the Old Bottles 

In every household, you come across different kinds of used bottles having different colors, sizes and shapes. Normally such bottles are considered useless, but what if you are able to reuse them in a beautiful way? in most cases you only need to clean the bottles and place some seasonal flowers in them to give them a new look.

You can create different arrangements with the help of these bottles in your home. Wine and Soda bottles are ideal for floral arrangements and when it comes to flowers, lilies can look really elegant in bottles. Use your imagination when it comes to bottles by painting them in a color to match your decor. The possibilities are endless.

Flowers in a Basket

Flower baskets have also been involved in old legends and fairy tales because they add color to a situation. Different baskets can be used as flower baskets in your home for magnificent floral arrangements and it's also possible to paint these baskets with different colors to make the arrangement more attractive.

The combination of different colored baskets and different flowers can definitely make your home look more beautiful. In order to preserve the freshness of the flowers, you can put in a treated sponge as it does a wonderful job.

Reusing the Flowers 

Often the broken flowers from a bouquet are thrown away or broken flowers from an arrangement are displaced. These flowers can get a new life if you place them along with their buds in ceramic, steel, or a glass bowl. In Asian homes, it's one of the most popular flower arrangements involving floating flowers and mud made oil lamps floating on water.

It's also used in different kinds of temples because it gives a minimalist perspective to the whole environment. This flower arrangement is not at all expensive, but it impacts the onlookers because of the different use of flowers and involvement of water, which is one of the most important earthly elements in human life.

If you have a simple arrangement that helped impact your decor we would love to hear about it in our comment section. We hope this article will help you make small changes in your home that will have a big impact on your decor. Sometimes it's the small details that make the biggest difference.

Monday, June 24, 2019

Floral Arranging Tips and Tricks Of The Pros

A floral arrangement can be pretty tricky and difficult to handle. Normally you would see a beautiful arrangement of flowers in a floral shop, but after purchasing them and placing them at your place they Just don't seem to have the same effect.

Floral arranging is definitely an art and it is quite hard to become an expert in within a few days, but with some tips and tricks, you can definitely change the look of your place with such arrangements. 

You need just a little bit of creativity and imagination to pull this off and the rest of the guidance would be provided by us in this article so let’s start talking about the tips and the tricks that will help you out.

Placing the Flowers in a Wide Mouth Vase

If you're arranging the flowers in a wide mouth vase or a bowl you will face a certain problem in which the flowers will fall to one side which can make the whole arrangement look un balanced and quite literally pretty bad.

In order to prevent the flowers from falling to one side, you can use tape with the bowl to give support to the flowers to remain in that perfect arrangement.

Artificial Arrangers

You can find artificial arrangers in the market which are available in different shapes and sizes. You then place these arrangers on top of your vases or jars, and arrange flowers accordingly. They provide a certain shape and support to arrangements and will hold the arrangement together. You won’t have to worry about the flowers falling to one side or the other. You can even bend these arrangers and change their shape according to your own style which makes them even better. The ones above from Amazon are inexpensive and work well when arranging artificial flowers in faux water.

Using Jar Lids 

Different ideas attract the eyes of the different guests so you need to improvise in order to make your place look more beautiful. The jar lids designed for floral arrangements are one way of doing it. These lids can fit on different kinds of jars and you can place multiple flowers in them.

There is no issue of watering as you can take off the lids easily to add a touch of water. Changing the flowers are also not a problem and you will always find the arrangement in the perfect shape because of the support of the lid.

Using Leaves to Hide Stems 

The stems of some flowers and plants don’t look as beautiful in a floral arrangement, so you can use different leaves in the base of a vase or a bowl in order to make the arrangement look more elegant. If you don’t have such leaves you don’t need to use the see-through vases or bowls and you can use steel pots.

Different flowers in a vase with green leaves at their base will definitely add an element of high design whether you place them in your office or in your home.

Once you have created the floral arrangement that suits your style, you just need to do some slight maintenance such as cleaning the dust off once a month or so to keep it looking beautiful and fresh.

Sunday, June 23, 2019

5 Great Artificial Topiary Ideas You'll Love

Topiaries are well-suited plants for the interior of a home or office and any home décor is incomplete without the inclusion of topiaries. You'll definitely make your hallway, room, garden, or entryway more elegant if you can decorate them properly with topiaries. There are 2 different options to utilize these plants.

Either you can buy a real topiary or you can use artificial topiaries. Apart from being live or artificial the main difference between both these types is that you don’t have to take a lot of care of the artificial plants while the live ones require your attention almost on a daily basis.

We'll show you 5 great ideas on how to decorate your home or office space with the help of artificial topiaries.

1.      Using Herb Topiaries

The herb topiary is created by using the leaves of different kinds of herbs. In the artificial version you'll have to look at the leaves as they are generally made of plastic or fabric. The formation matters for artificial topiaries, so you'll need to look at the leaves and whether they look fresh or not. Placing one or two in an entry way can have a great effect when visitors walk into your home.

You can also place the herb topiaries in a group to create a stunning view point for a room.

2.      Faux Boxwood Topiary

The artificial faux boxwood topiaries are ideal plants for an entryway or a hallway. They are pretty tall and usually found in ball shape connected to one another. If you can place them in the light they start shining a bit, which makes them look more beautiful.

You don’t need a lot of investment to buy these plants so they won’t break the bank.

3.      Decorating with Jasmine Topiaries

Jasmine topiaries are ideal for placement near windows and even in gardens. Although you don’t need to place an artificial plant in the garden it definitely enhances the elegance of the space no matter where you put it. Some of our expert designers will place artificial plants along with live ones and you would be surprised at how well they blend in.

The live jasmine plant has a pleasant fragrance which can be duplicated using an essential oil such as the one below and the pot can be filled with pebbles to make it more beautiful.

4.      Moss Topiary

Now we're talking about the smaller topiaries and the moss topiary is one of the more popular ones. It's a pretty cute plant which can be placed in smaller pots as it doesn't look as proportionate in larger pots unless you can put 3 to 4 of them together. Even the artificial version is pretty fluffy and bright and hard to tell from the original.

All it needs is a bit of dusting in the name of maintenance.

5.      Shaped Topiaries

You can also create a shaped topiary such as the heart shaped one below by using a wooden frame or asking a plant provider to create a customized version of topiary for you. It's also very easy to create these topiaries in your home and all you need is a few supplies.

If you're new to arranging plants and flowers, don't worry, there are plenty of pre-made shaped topiaries available to you online or in store. Take a look around at our selection or if your feeling creative look at our stems and make your own. Either way you'll have a lot of fun creating something that will warm your home or office with beauty.