Friday, November 24, 2017

New Holiday Products

Many of us are busy decorating our homes around this time of year. As we have more and more reason to break out the old decorations that have been sitting in the garage for months, there are some new products that have arrived in our inventory. You may be looking to replace some old worn out items from your collection with new ones and we can help. Take a look below at some of our newest items and if you want to know more about any particular item just click on the description above the picture or contact us.

28in. Pine Cone and Pine Artificial Wreath

36” Poinsettia Flower and Pine Artificial Wreath

22” Artificial Snowed Magnolia Flower & Berry Wreath Arrangement

6.5" Frosted Magnolia Flower & Berry Artificial Arrangement Candelabrum

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Help Hurricane Harvey Victims

We all need help at some point in our lives whether it's emotional or financial. The victims of Hurricane Harvey need both at this point and you can help make a difference. By making a simple purchase from now through September 2017 we will give you 5% off your purchase plus donate an additional 5% to the American Red Cross for Hurricane Harvey victims.

Do what you can and every little bit is helpful.

Help Today by Clicking Here

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Artificial Chili Peppers In Your Decor

When decorating for a southwester feel, you can't go wrong with artificial chili peppers. For many years the chili pepper has been a staple in the food of the southwest and if you want to get that feeling into your decor then you need to add these into it for an authentic effect.

Hang some chili pepper strings in your kitchen whether they are real or artificial you will be surprised how your kitchen comes to life. We carry a few items in the artificial version and you can see them below. See what you can do with your own imagination and with our artificial chili peppers added to your decor. 

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Bring Color Into Your Room This Winter

Adding a splash of color to any room in your home or office during a white-out winter can warm up even the coldest days. 

Purples, lavenders, yellows and pinks will brighten up a room and make it more interesting to the eye more than any other colors. Green however will do the same thing if your not sure what color to use or if you just want to stay neutral. 

Try adding a small silk orchid arrangement like the one above to a bathroom counter or kitchen sink area and you'll be surprised on how much it changes the room. Below is an example of what you can use to brighten up a kitchen counter top. Bringing color into your home during this time of year warms the soul and can brighten your mood. Spring floral arrangements are always popular during the winter months as it gives us something to look forward to.