Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Outdoor silk flowers – Up the Glamour Quotient of Your Parties

Outdoor silk flowers are the latest decor products that are all the rage in the home decor market.  It is true that nothing can replace the beauty and magic of real flowers but these silk flowers do come in a close second and let us not forget that the restricted regional growth of natural flowers makes it difficult for us to get them and not everyone can afford them – natural flowers are expensive. However, thanks to these vibrantly beautiful outdoor silk flowers, you can now fulfil your dream of lavishly decorating your outdoor parties in the most hassle free yet beautiful manner possible.

The beauty of these Outdoor silk flowers lies in the fact that they are extremely versatile and can be used to glamorize your spaces for various occasions. Whether it is a wedding ceremony, a fall outdoor party or just a casual get together- outdoor silk flowers will add the right dose of splendour and glamour to your surroundings while being very light on your budget, giving you more reasons to smile and enjoy your celebrations. 

These flowers do not get spoiled and they will not wither away. This is why the lush decor and the romantic feel of your party will be maintained throughout and you can proudly receive the compliments given out by your friends. 

Moreover, you can easily reuse these flowers on various other occasions which in turn will help you save a lot of money in the future. These outdoor silk flowers are available in various styles and colours helping you to go from the simplest to the most lavish decorating themes according to your requirements.

These silk flowers are designed to fit any type of arrangement that you want and no matter how many times you use them or how many types of arrangement you make with them – they will retain their beauty without getting bruised or any type of tearing.  You can also mix and match various colours to form wonderful bouquets or you can use them to craft stunning tabletops. You can also use these flowers to embellish entrances and aisles or with ribbons to decorate the chairs and tables.
Quality Silk Plants is a family owned business that started its journey in 2004. It is the love for plants that made them come up with a unique collection of silk plants that look real in every aspect. Be it silk flowers or plants or outdoor trees, Quality Silk Plants offer a wide range of products that will help give your home a green makeover.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Outdoor Artificial Trees

No one can deny the fact that nature and the vibrant feel of trees can light up the dreariest spaces. If you have a brown thumb then I can completely understand your reluctance to except this fact, because you are ready to sacrifice the beauty of trees because you cannot keep up with the maintenance of a garden with real trees. What if I tell you that you can have the natural beauty and soothing effect of these trees minus the maintenance? I am sure you will just laugh off my claim, but it is true. Get close to nature and your inner peace with Outdoor Artificial Trees that are the latest fad in the home decor world f today.

You will surely not give up with the chance of uplifting your mood and your garden space with some topiary rather than have a dark and drab room or a paved, plain garden. These outdoor artificial trees give you th chance to decorate your yard and gardens like you wanted to without ever worrying about the maintenance they will require.

If you have a clinic with a front lawn or an office than these places are exactly the type that can benefit from these artificial plants and trees.  When you use outdoor artificial trees and plants for your commercial or professional work spaces you do have to worry or spend a fortune on maintaining these trees when the buildings close for holidays or weekends or when your work place is simply staffed with people who are time-pressed and are unable to care about topiary. The same can be said for single professionals or families who are dealing with a hectic schedule and do not have the kind of time nor the finances to devote to preening and watering real plants and trees.

Moreover, a lot of professional gardeners will tell you that with today’s climate change and the deteriorating soil quality the maintenance of trees and plants is difficult and you will need some real hard work to maintain your garden. This is why outdoor artificial trees are your best bet because they are immune from any disease or fungus which might be afflicting for your garden.

Quality Silk Plants is a family owned business that started its journey in 2004. It is the love for plants that made them come up with a unique collection of silk plants that look real in every aspect. Be it silk flowers or plants or outdoor trees, Quality Silk Plants offer a wide range of products that will help give your home a green makeover.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Give Your Garden a Facelift with Outdoor Artificial Plants

Whenever you look at plants in a shop window or your neighbour’s cozy little garden, you want them for yourself. Unfortunately, the maintenance of real plants and tress is not very easy especially if you have a busy life and no inclination towards gardening. However, you can still have the beauty of plants surrounding your lawn or garden without worrying about maintenance all you need are the expertly created outdoor artificial plants that are taking the home decor market with a storm.

With your busy professional life in the city and the stress of doing better than everybody else, you the need to get away from this constant bustling is very overpowering. Your home is your only solace and we all try to make it our own personal haven. Outdoor artificial plants have been playing the role of peace inducers for years now and they have a calming effect on us, given their breathtaking likeness to natural plants. They give us the sense of being in the lap of nature away from all the mindless running of our lives even when we are surrounded by this organized chaos all the time.

These outdoor artificial plants are available in various styles giving you a variety of choice, to help you decorate your dream garden, balcony or patio in the way you like, without any hassle and mess. The different types of outdoor plants include:
Potted artificial outdoor plants

These plants are designed within decorative pots which are perfect for your front steps –what a way to welcome guests and yourself. These potted plants are also used in gardens to make a verdant bed of greenery.

Unpotted outdoor artificial plants

A lot of premium artificial plant designers and creators have now come up with decorative plants that can be directly planted in the ground such as outdoor rhododendron. You can also get really beautiful silk boxwood bushes that are perfect for your front walkway or they can also be arranged along the front walkway. These artificial bushes and shrubs do not require water and fertilizer while they still maintain the fertile facade.
Hanging outdoor artificial plants

Outdoor hanging silk plants are the latest trend in the home decor world and you can choose these plants in hanging baskets or wall hung containers. These hanging plants are great to add vibrancy and colour to a garden space or yard that is not very big. You can easily hang them in eaves, poles, porches and even tress without worrying about water dripping onto every surface as they do not require water. Moreover these synthetic plants are UV protected and therefore show zero effect to sun exposure.

Quality Silk Plants is a family owned business that started its journey in 2004. It is the love for plants that made them come up with a unique collection of silk plants that look real in every aspect. Be it silk flowers or plants or outdoor trees, Quality Silk Plants offer a wide range of products that will help give your home a green makeover.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

How To Get Extra Height out of Your Silk Plants

Extra Height out of Your Silk Plants is Well Worth the Effort.

Silk plants have come a long way from the ugly, plastic varieties that looked cheap, fake and were garishly unattractive. They look amazingly real, and at times it can be hard to distinguish from the real ones. Tropical plants such as palms may be hard to sustain and care for, especially in dry or cold climates. Unlike real plants, you can place a silk plant anyplace, regardless of cold drafts or inadequate light. High-quality artificial plants may add warmth to any interior space.

What are the different design styles?

Silk plants may be used to enhance a number of different decor styles. A tropical, coastal or plantation themed room is the perfect setting for a silk palm. Mediterranean style themes such as Tuscan or Spanish design have warm color schemes, colorful tile accents and natural wood furnishings blend beautifully with the lush green colors and texture of palm trees. Silk palm trees look exotic and stunning in Moroccan or Asian themed decor as well. Even traditional styles such as a Victorian sitting room or bedroom would gain beauty from the lush greenery and style a tree like this would add. Almost any type of eclectic, contemporary or intermediary style may be improved with the sculptural, tranquil and organic presence that indoor palms provide.

Know more about the scale and proportion

Silk plants come in a variety of shapes and sizes that mimic the many species of real tropical palms. It is important to choose a size and shape appropriate for the space. The plant can be used to soften a room in an empty corner, but shouldn’t be so large that it overwhelms the room or interferes with the functions of other furnishings. It is a good idea to measure any areas you plan on filling with an artificial palm tree. Take measurements of the space before deciding on the tree. If you are not sure about the height of the ceiling, measure the height of the closest wall. The plant also should be in proportion to any nearby furniture. A large piece of furniture may make a silk palm tree look small, when the same tree placed by a small end table and chair would look quite large.

Are you well-versed with the line and form?

A well designed room should have a balance of horizontal and vertical lines. Having too many vertical lines may make the room feel imposing and overwhelming. A silk plant creates a vertical line, so keep this in mind when choosing where to position it. For instance, placing a tree among two column type plant stands may not be as aesthetically pleasing as placing it close to a wall with horizontal shelving. Form also plays a role in creating balance and harmony in a space. An irregular shaped tree can break up the monotony of symmetrical designs, and can soften the hard edges of a fireplace or bookcase. Some species of palms add sharp, angular lines with their spiky fronds, while other styles, such as the banana tree, add smooth, rounded lines with their broad, flat leaves. Paying attention to line, form, scale and proportion are as important as the items used and are tricks professional designers use, and may help you choose the best type of silk palm tree for the room you’re using it in.

How can you display silk plants?

Placing a silk plant in a large, decorative wicker, metal, terra-cotta, or ceramic planter amplifies the overall look of the plant. Make the tree appear taller by building up the bottom of the planter with moss or rocks. In some cases, you may need to assemble the tree yourself. Many silk palm trees have a stem or trunk with receptacles for the palm leaves. Typically, the fronds start small at the base of the tree then use the larger ones as you go up, mimicking the way new growth in nature matures on a real tree. If the leaves are bent or wrinkled, place the tree in the bathroom and run a hot shower creating steam to relax the fibers as you gently shape the leaves. Starting near the stem, work your way outward, bending the leaves in a slight downward motion creating a natural look on the lower fronds and in an upward angle near the top. You can always refer back to the photo you saw when purchasing it as a reference when shaping it.

What are silk plants made of?

A silk plant like a palm tree can look very life-like in any indoor surrounding. Silk palms are artificial palms called silk to help the consumer determine fabric based plants from cheap plastic plants. Chinese silk was used as the main raw material for silk palms back in the old days, but synthetic materials such as polyester are now the staple for building these types of plants. The tree trunks of silk palm trees are usually made of a synthetic material for realism although some are made of wood including coconut bark, and others. These are heavier than artificial trunks and are only used by certain manufacturers and customers who really want their artificial palm to look as natural as possible. For people who want light weight, moveable palms, trunks are made of hollow fiberglass, plastic or steel and the polyester fronds are inserted into receptacles that are usually wired onto the trunks. They form amazingly realistic bricks or gravel. Secure the trunk in some floral foam; place it on top of the gravel, then top off with decorative palm trees when natural substances like preserved stems and heads of live palms are used as raw materials.

Where can you place silk palm trees?

They fit well on tabletops and room corners where real palms could go, without the hassle of watering and trimming. They come in different selections ranging from table top plants to life size plants as high as 8 to 15 inches. Usually, silk palms are potted in containers using chemicals. Containers act as bases to support the plant, and the long, life-size silk palms are balanced by a heavy base. Silk palms range in size from 21 inches to as tall as 120 inches. Depending on the style you’re looking for, customers can purchase potted plants, plants that have detachable parts and partly assembled plants. The quality of a silk palm is rated according to the overall structure, the realistic appearance of the tree, the size, amount, quality, and color and naturalness of its components. The size of the planter it’s placed in has a great weight on how natural a tree looks. To avoid fading of the fabric dye, silk palms are best kept indoors and in low or medium light areas.

Why use silk plants?

Silk plants or trees look beautiful for years to come, saving customers huge amounts of money and time undeniable. Silk plants eliminate expensive service contracts, wilting plants and possibly damage to flooring from too much water. They eliminate the conditions that cause mold, mildew and insect problems, plant allergies and the need for harsh chemical fertilizers or pesticides. The need for costly live plant upkeep to keep expensive outdoor trees unnaturally thriving indoors is eliminated without losing aesthetic. The cost savings benefits of silk plants and trees as compared to using live plant leasing are value.

Silk plants add wonderfully to the décor of your home both inside and outside. Getting extra height out of them can take some effort but the end result will truly be worth it – wouldn’t you like guests to praise your amazing, artistic sense? Start working on your home décor right away. You can get lots of interesting ideas by going online!

Friday, April 15, 2016

Colors For Spring and Summer

Flowers can be used to brighten up any occasion. From weddings to lobbies of hotels, flowers can act as the centerpiece of a dinner table or an accent to an existing décor. The only question is whether or not to go with silk or natural ones. However silk flowers can provide nearly all of the allure of natural flowers without any of the hassles.

Here are a few reasons as to why you should pick silk flower arrangements over real ones for spring and summer:


The biggest upside to artificial flowers is that they will never wilt or appear as if they are dying. They do not require the care and attention of a natural flower so you are free to focus on other, more important things. Colors stay just as brilliant as the day you acquired them. The beautiful colors in your silk flower arrangements will remain alive and as stunning from the day your arrangement was bought for months to come. They perform fine in limited lighting. Unlike live plants, your artificial arrangement will thrive in your office or room that has limited or no natural lighting.


The fact that artificial flowers are not subject to seasonal growth makes them especially attractive for sensitive climates. It's difficult to find great flowers in the middle of winter but with a silk arrangement you'll get the look of fantastic flowers without having to worry about acquiring them.

Easy to Modify Themes

Again, this issue deals with the seasons. If natural flowers are selected then the arrangements are subject to whatever flowers are in season at the time. With silk flowers you can mix and change the arrangement as much or as little as you like. There is much more choice and variety with silk flower arrangements rather than natural ones. You can change the color of your decor in the office or living area with the seasons. You can store your arrangements and use them throughout the seasons and holidays. We use arrangements with a red, white and blue around the Fourth of July, Labor Day and Memorial Day. Bright floral arrangements can be used in the spring and summer. Bright yellow, orange, and red foliage colors displayed for the fall, Thanksgiving, and Halloween. Dark green pine branches and red poinsettias for Christmas.


Natural flowers come in vases and are transported in specially outfitted vans and trucks. Much care has to be taken when transporting these flowers to a specific destination. It's much easier to transport silk flowers because there is no need for a vase or water that has the potential to cause quite a mess during transport.


This is a fact that many people overlook. But the truth is that many people are allergic to flowers or have seasonal allergies that are triggered by nature. Choosing silk flowers will ensure that all of your guests are comfortable.

Amazing Gifts

Instead of sending live arrangements that will parish after only a few short days, send a get well soon arrangement during times of illness, birthdays, weddings or anniversaries. Your gift will be cherished long past the event. Silk flowers are never out of season. You can purchase silk flower arrangements with your favorite flowers year-round.

Little Maintenance

You can go on a holiday and your silk flower arrangements will still be as beautiful as the day that you left. You don’t have to water them as a feather duster or low cool setting on a hair dryer will do the job.

What factors should be kept in mind before choosing the silk flower arrangements?

• First you will need to consider the room where they will be placed. Ask yourself some basic questions. What areas of the room need enhancement? Is there a theme or certain personality that needs to come through or complimented? What colors are there that you need to keep in mind when selecting my silk arrangements?

• Is there any natural light that can be used to accentuate the silk floral arrangements? Natural light always gives silk arrangements a more realistic look and feel in a room so it is advantageous to use whenever it’s available. If you are in the dining room and considering selecting your silk arrangements for the table, be sure to choose one that isn’t too long or wide because the effect may be that it disturbs your table environment and becomes distraction at dinner time.

• Think about the season your silk floral arrangements will express. Choose your silk arrangements carefully for each occasion so that they accent your environment rather than clashing with it. Use bright or energetic colors for spring and summer like oranges, reds, yellows, etc. There are some lovely variations of these shades with different tints and hues that look gorgeous. The color needs to blend or contrast with other shades in your room. The biggest mistake most make is trying to put too many different colors in one area or only colors that appeal to them, whether or not the colors work with the décor or each other. Take a step back, away from the room and find 2 or 3 colors that look good when combined. One rule to remember is that darker, bolder colors should be used as an accent and not the main color. If you’re still having problems seeing what colors will work for the room, try taking a picture of the room at different angles to help view the room layout and its colors from a different perspective.

• Where you place your silk flower arrangement is very important. Along with the color choice of your arrangement, you need to think about where you are going to place the arrangement and how it will affect the room. Don’t place it in an area that has a lot of heavy furniture in it - if you do this, the room will feel lop-sided. The perfect placement for your arrangement would be for others to be able to see the arrangement upon entering the room.

• Size is extremely crucial – this is also known as perspective. Make sure to get dimensions of the area you think you may want before buying the flowers. If the arrangement is too small then you are looking at an "accent" item, not necessarily to be a focal point but used to add color and life to a room. If it is too large, it will look awkward within the room and regardless of what you do, it won’t look right. Take precise measurements of the silk flower arrangement you want for the room, and then cut out a cardboard template using the dimensions and see if it works well with where you want to place it.

What are the ideal areas for placement?


If you have a rustic or country style kitchen why not place some silk daisies or sunflowers in a mason jar and sit them on your kitchen table or counter? For a modern kitchen choose a nice vase and some colorful tulips to add that welcoming touch. You will be surprised at just how this simple touch can brighten up your kitchen and make it feel homier.

Entrance or Unused Corners

If you need a slight bit of brightening up in the corner of an entry way or living room then silk floral arrangements are perfect. Simply use a tall floor vase, fill it with interesting silk grasses, cat tails and other pods and then add a few tall silk flowers such as over sized calla lilies or Cannas. For spring you can even throw in a few artificial pussy willows.


Professional floral arrangements look stunning on that living room end table or that bedroom dresser as well. There are a variety of different silk flower arrangements to choose from and you are sure to find one that you simply love.

Wall Arrangements

You also might want to consider wall swags for your home décor. Wall swags can look especially welcoming and extremely elegant hanging over that fire place mantel or over your bathroom door. Or you can simply use silk flower stems and hang them on the wall as in the picture above for a creative look your guests will love.

Are you ready to put these ideas to use? Click here To start shopping today.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

How To Create An Outdoor Artificial Plant Garden

Your home is the most special aspect of your life. You have so many aspirations, dreams and emotions attached to them. Hence, it is not a surprise that you want to adorn it well. So, you make sure to have the most perfect furniture. The corner of each room is well ornate. The tapestry, the floor, the roof is all taken care of with excellence. You also have plush doors and windows for your home. Even when you have taken care of all the aspects of your abode, there is one very important thing which you are forgetting. Well, what is the first place a guest notices when he or she enters the home. No, it’s not the door, it is not even the living room, it is in fact the outdoor area when entering of your home.

When you hear the word outdoor garden you definitely witness a lot of color, charm and hard work put into it. But what can be done, if you do not have the requisite time to take care of your garden? It’s for these reasons that many home owners decorate their garden with artificial flowers. The plastic plants and the outdoor artificial plants, flowers and trees are the best of the options to enhance the curb appeal of your garden.

The following are some tips which are sure to provide your garden with the requisite charm and attractiveness:

1. Utilization of the space - It is recommended to utilize the spaces well in order to utilize the most of the spaces. You should fill every area, corner and niche with the most of the plants, whether they are geranium or azaleas or Silk palm trees. In the narrow spots try to maximize the look with nice flowers and arrangements.

2. Fabricating the focal point - make the one place in your garden which will be the center of attraction. It is best to utilize the perfect choice for adding to the look of the garden. If you are creating curves it will look more beautiful than the straight lines.

3. Good utilization of color - It is always good to utilize the best blend of colors. You can have some really bright colors for winters or some soothing ones for summers. It will be the good aid in beautifying the garden. You have to be careful with the Silk trees or some other artificial plant to add to the look of the garden.

4. Set a remarkable statement - For every season try to decorate the garden with one particular theme. It will aid in setting the remarkable statement and make your outdoor look even better.

5. Enhance privacy - with the apt utilization of hedges, shrubs and herbs of artificial variety you will be able to enhance the privacy of your abode. You can introduce these plants in accordance with your need and hence benefit. However, in the same context you will be required to carefully utilize the space for advantageous hiding.

So go ahead, take care of the above tips and have the garden of your dream.