Thursday, March 24, 2016

How to Use Lighting to Accent Your Silk Trees?

It is not only enough to add silk trees to your house for enhancing the home décor. You must also be able to use lighting skillfully to accent the silk trees. Some silk trees are available with lights. They can be the perfect addition for your living room. Here are a few suggestions and ideas about how to use lighting, both natural and artificial to accent your silk trees:

1. Tall Silk Plants beside the window: You can place tall potted silk plants strategically in your room. If you have a huge window, place the tall silk trees on the two sides of the window so that they get natural light in abundance. Such a setting will look great if you have a huge living room with tall ceiling.

2. LED lights in Pink Cherry Blossom Silk Tree: You can add LED lights on the branches and the blooms of the pink cherry blossom silk tree. It will be a beautiful sight to see the pink blooms sparkling with warm, white light. Your living room will be full of brightness and opulence if you use LED lights to accent your silk trees.

3. LED lights in Artificial Christmas Tree: You can embellish your artificial Christmas tree with bright lighting and decoration for Christmas. Add twinkling LED lights skillfully between the branches of the tree for the perfect look.

4. Black floor light to showcase your silk tree: Spotlight the beautiful silk trees of your house with a discreet black floor light. Position it in a way so that it lies next to the planter and shines upward perfectly through the foliage. This arrangement is great for showcasing your silk tree. If your silk tree is placed in a dark corner, a black floor light will be perfect for highlighting your tree.

5. Clear lights in ball shaped topiary tree: Boxwood Ball Shaped Topiary Tree is a beautiful silk tree that you can add to your house. They are pre-lit with clear lights which make the tree look gorgeous. This silk tree is perfect for both outdoor and indoor display. You don’t need to water the tree regularly. Some amount of careful dusting is enough for the maintenance of the tree.

6. Cedar Spiral Topiary with small lights: If you want an instant holiday setting, get a cedar spiral topiary that has small lights all over it. The lush green cascade made of silk looks very attractive. It looks great in both home and office.

These are the few options and ideas to use lighting to accent your silk trees.

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