Tuesday, March 8, 2016

How Many Plants Should I Put in a Room?

Plants are the best way to enhance the décor of your home or office. They exude calmness and tranquility. This helps relieve stress even after the most difficult of days. However, decorating with natural plants requires much attention and can leads to many hassles. You have to water them regularly and keep them in a place where they are exposed to sunlight.

Silk plants on the other hand, are very realistic looking and durable. They won’t die in unfavorable weather conditions. They won’t require pruning or regular watering. A quick dusting once every few months is all you have to do for their maintenance. Today’s silk plants look very realistic and can be the perfect addition for your home or office instead of natural plants.

We’ve been asked this question for years on how many silk plants you should put in a room for the perfect look. Too many silk plants in one room can look cluttered. Most people say that three silk plants look perfect in a room. However, it hugely depends on the size of the room and the furnishings in it.

For the living and dining room

If you have a square living room with a couch, sofa and coffee table, you should skillfully soften the corners of the room. If it is a smaller living room, one beautiful silk plant is enough for the decor or else it may start to look cluttered.
If you have a coffee table, you can incorporate a beautiful small silk plant or flower arrangement as a centerpiece of the table. However, the silk plant should be small so that you can place other items on the coffee table. A smaller silk flower arrangement is a perfect choice if you are looking for the ideal centerpiece. Centerpieces work well on a dining room table as well.
If you have a large square room, you can place as many as four silk plants or trees in the corners of the room. Some houses have two rooms that are totally open to one another. The living room and dining room are conjoined in many homes. In such a setting, it can be fun to experiment by placing many silk plants throughout the room. You can use as many as 7 or 8 strategically placed in a large conjoined room like this. This of course depends on your taste.

For the entrance and kitchen

You can decorate the entrance of your home with silk plants or creative flower arrangements. A grand entrance can be created with some of the more popular silk plants such as a cedar topiary or spiral boxwood. Two of these silk plants on both sides of the entrance can impress your guests as they walk in creating a grand first impression.

If you want to decorate your kitchen, you can add one small silk plant around the counter top. Do not incorporate more than two silk plants if you have an average size kitchen. The same will go for bedrooms and bathrooms throughout the house. For offices, the rule is to keep clutter to a minimum and the lobby or waiting room is where your clients will get the first impression of your business.
This is a rough idea of the number of plants that you should put in a room. Consider the size of your room before making the additions. Then it’s really up to you as everyone has a different style and you have to remember that you’ll be the one in your home or office day after day. I hope this helps you in deciding how many artificial plants or flowers should go into any room in your home or office.

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