Friday, March 11, 2016

Decorating An Office For Success

With the highly competitive nature of business these days we are all looking for that edge over our competition. From the moment a client walks through your door they are judging your company. This is a critical moment in the decision process because if they don't feel comfortable with the interior of your office, they won't feel comfortable doing business with you or the company. It will make it just that much harder to close the deal when this happens.

Many companies are decorating their office lobbies to impress. Plants, tree and flowers are a way to impress. Many offices just simply can't afford to bring in fresh flowers everyday nor do they want the hassle of tending to live plants. They start to grow and over time may not look as good as the did when you first bought them.

What is the solution?

Artificial plants, flowers and silk trees are the answer to many of these problems. With the details that these artificial plants are manufactured it's hard to tell whether they're real or not. As a matter of fact, many hotels, businesses and special event coordinators are opting for artificial plants and flowers for their venues. Most guests walk right by without even noticing they are fake.

First impressions are so important in today's business world and why wouldn't you want a beautiful entrance to your office? It will not only make you feel better when coming in to work everyday but your employees will feel a sense of pride. Productivity tends to be higher when an employee has pride in their workplace.

You don't have to go overboard, just a few plants, trees or artificial flower arrangements in key areas of your office lobby and it will transform the experience a client has when they first enter.

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