Sunday, October 11, 2015

Small Bathroom Ideas

The bathroom is for most people the place to think, reflect and rejuvenate. Here are some small bathroom ideas to make your experience one that literally gives you a new lease of life.

  • Use Shelves
There is no reason that the bathroom should look stripped of all furniture. A shelf added to the bathroom is not only utilitarian, keeping the sink clutter free; it also adds a touch of design elegance. No matter how small the space, a tall narrow shelf also lets you place aroma candles and fresh flowers to lend the bathroom a fresh, fragrant feel at all hours.

  • Add Plants

    A plant in the bathroom naturally sustains due to the humidity and adds a splash of fresh life and color to it. A money plant, bamboo, aloe vera, boston fern, Chinese evergreen and some table top bonsai trees are ideal. If you're worried about the maintenance you can always purchase silk plants to place in your bathroom to give you the same beauty as a live one without the hassles.

  •  Get funky shower curtains 

    If you have a shower curtain for whatsoever reason, choose a funky one to give your bathroom a look of sheer decadence.

  • Use Creative Mirrors

    Have as many mirrors as you can and make them creative. Besides raising your self esteem to sky high levels, full length mirrors give the bathroom a much needed illusion of space and also help you keep an eye on yourself as you scrub yourself clean. Say goodbye to all traces of dead skin and never miss a spot again!

  • Get fun towels

    Nothing jazzes up the bathroom as much as a couple of ultra soft but super fun printed and/or honey combed towels. Let your bathroom experience be soft and luxurious.

  • Keep the sink clean 

    Minimize bathroom products around the sink keeping it restricted to a good smelling handwash, lotion or moisturizer and a hand towel. Stash away everything either on the shelves we spoke about, drawers or any other storage space you can find.

  • Keep a magazine handy

    Whether you are getting ready for the day or for a big party, a magazine in the bathroom with gorgeous centerfolds and spaces is sure to inspire you to be at your best. Soon you will find yourself giving yourself a good face massage or even a quick mani-pedi and will be feeling on the top of the world the entire day.

  • Take music with you

    Blue tooth speakers and some even waterproof are extremely pocket friendly on the internet. Purchase one exclusively for your bathroom. Hook it up with music you are in the mood for and step in for a luxurious bath, lighting those candles with fragrant bath essentials.  That is pure relaxation guaranteed to leave you feeling good for hours.

    These small bathroom ideas are sure to make you feel beautiful and lively and you’d find that though they are tiny steps, they add to a bigger goal- a happier you!

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