Friday, September 18, 2015

Do Not Use Water and Vinegar to Clean Your Silk Plants!

The holidays are coming around and most of us will be having our family and friends over for those fun holiday parties. We always want to make sure our homes are clean look the best possible. This means the dreadful cleaning of our silk plants that have built up a layer of dust over the course of the year since we last cleaned them. So you look online and see that there is a homemade way to clean them with a water and vinegar solution and it’s virtually free. Don’t get so excited because this method can backfire.

Due to the fact that most artificial flowers, plants and trees are made of a fabric material, you do not want to use a vinegar solution as it will soak up the smell of the vinegar.

If you can smell the solution and you don’t like it, then don’t use it on your silks. Silk plants, trees and flowers are usually made from a silk screened polyester and just like clothing will absorb any liquid that they come in contact with. This will make your plants and flowers permeate with the smell of vinegar if this solution is used.

If you must make your own cleaner try to use a solution of plain water and unscented liquid soap. This works just as well without the after smell of a vinegar mixture.

There are many great cleaners out on the market that work well and will clean all your artificial plants and flowers with no problems of smell or discoloring. One that comes to mind is Silk’n Splendor. Silk’n Splendor is a water based cleaner that has a touch of silicone in the mixture. The silicone adds a protective barrier to repel dust so you do not have to clean them as often. This is great for arrangements that may be in hard to access places. It has no odor and is safe for most artificial plants along with preserved plants as well.

There is a lot of information out there and everyone wants to be helpful but the very last thing we would recommend is cleaning your silk plants and flowers with a water vinegar mixture just for the smell factor alone.

We've tried many of the cleaners out there and found one that works well for us. Click this link for: Silk'n Splendor Liquid Spray Silk Plant Treatment, 24-Ounce

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