Thursday, July 16, 2015

Where to Buy Silk Flowers and Artificial Plants Online

Each year here at Quality Silk Plants we serve thousands of customers with respect to their home and office decorating needs. Since so many of the people we’ve worked with sometimes may require different products than what we offer, we are often asked do we know where they can find the items they’re looking for. We understand the nature of our business and know that even though we feel our silk plants are suitable for most applications, we also know that it’s up to the individual tastes of our customers. If you’ve looked around our site and haven’t quite found the item you’re looking for to suit your needs, there are other respected companies with related products that might help you find what you’re looking for.

Not being one to shy away from competition and being honest with our customers here at we’ve compiled a list of 5 other respected artificial plant companies that may have what you’re looking for.

1.       Silk Plants Direct: A fairly recent addition into the online market, Silk Plants Direct has been in the landscaping business with real plants for years. Based out of Minneapolis, MN they now offer silk plants to their customers and their focus is primarily on residential and business to business type installations.

2.       Artificial Plants and Trees: One of the oldest online retailers of artificial plants based out of Nashville, TN was primarily focused on artificial Christmas trees in the beginning now offers a wide variety of silk plants and trees to the consumer.

3.       Michaels: For those of you that need product as quickly as possible, Michaels offers a nice selection of silk flower stems and greenery that can be picked up when you need it. With stores all around the nation it is very convenient for small projects.

4.       Save On Based out of Watsonville, CA Save On Crafts specializes in craft supplies that go with silk flowers and plants. For do it yourselfers they are a place to purchase accents such as rocks, moss, planters and vases.

5.       Commercial Silk International: They specialize in fire retardant and commercial installations of extra large artificial trees. Their focus is on  many malls, restaurants and amusement parks where regulations require inherent fire retardant artificial foliage in order for them to be compliant.

So now you have the 5 other companies that you can use to find specifically what your looking for when it comes to silk plants, flowers and trees. There are a few factors to determine where you’ll shop.

-How soon you’ll need the items

-What size and type of project you’ll be doing

-Quality of the product

Hopefully, in your search you’ll have all of the factors that are important to you addressed even if you have to purchase from more than one of us. If you have any questions or would like further advice please contact us toll free at 877-797-7737 and we’ll do our best to help you. As we’ve always said, our customer’s come first even if that means you’re not going to make the purchase from us.

Chad Young

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