Thursday, May 14, 2015

Reasons To Have a Silk Ficus Tree in Your Decor

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There is something about a ficus tree that makes them the most popular trees over the years than any other tree on the market. These gorgeous trees with their thick foliage give homes and offices a finished feeling while keeping that manicured look. They instantly warm up a home and make it relaxing or create a more productive environment at the office. Being a busy professional or having a family to take care of may make it hard for you to maintain a real ficus tree in your home. So, how about a silk ficus tree? Yes, they’re easy to maintain, look very realistic, will add a touch of green and makes your home come alive with life.

Silk ficus tree for your home

Silk ficus trees have become very popular with many home owners. Be it the home or office, they are being used as decor items to bring the outdoor inside. A ficus tree can easily become the show-stopper in your home when placed in the right spot.

Online stores such as ours offer silk ficus trees of different varieties. Palace, bushy, double ball, weeping and traditional styles, you can get any variety you want. Available in different heights and widths, these fake trees can suit any home.

You can get them in weighted plastic pots so they’re easy to set in your decorative planter. If you prefer urns, you can place the plastic pots inside them then raise them up for additional height.

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Silk ficus tree in home decor – use creative ideas

Ficus trees can be placed in any room depending on the space available. Living rooms or dining rooms are some of the more popular places to have one. Usually people place these trees at the corners or on the sides of a focal point in a room. You need to choose a tree that would suit the room’s decor without making it look stuffy or over crowded.

Do you want to add a different dimension to your dining room? Frame it with ficus trees. Having two by the door would create a nice woody effect.

In the living room, the ficus tree can become a focal point. Place it near a large window for a nice green effect. Get a big one so that it towers over the room.

If you have a divider in the living room, place a ficus tree near it for an airy look. The bookshelf at the corner can also have a ficus tree as a neighbor to spruce up the space. 

Choose containers that would bring out the beauty of the ficus tree. The color of the pot should match the home decor. If you have lots of wooden furniture in the room, go for a pot with wooden finish but of contrast color. Metallic or ceramic pots look good in modern style rooms.

 Silk ficus trees are the perfect accessory that you can have in your home. It will make your home look rich, vibrant and at the same time more relaxing and in touch with nature.

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