Monday, March 9, 2015

4 Rules When Decorating with Artificial Plants and Flowers

Decorating with artificial plants and flowers is becoming more and more popular and the same rules as decorating with real plants apply. Below are some of the rules you should follow when decorating with silk plants i your home or office space.

1. Use them sparingly to accent your decor, not overwhelm it. Too many of any one thing will look cluttered in a room.

2. Choose plants that are the most realistic looking that mimics nature to all the closest details and you will be happy with their appearance.

3. Place them in spaces you would normally place a real plant such as a window or door for a more realistic look.

4. When using artificial flowers, try using flowers and colors that are in season.

Just remember these simple steps when decorating with artificial plants and flowers and you'll definitely have the home your guests will be green about.

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