Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Room Decorating Ideas – Creating a Focal Point in a Room

If you go through home decor magazines or websites, you will surely come across the term “focal point” and how to create focal points in your rooms and make it look attractive. Well, to create a focal point, first you need to know what a focal point is and then incorporate it in your rooms. So we will start with defining a focal point so it becomes easier for you to create one.

What is a focal point?

How often it has happened to you that you enter a room and something catches your eye? It is the most important feature of the room and forms the center of the decor of the room. It is the focal point of the room. So a focal point is the most striking feature of a room that defines the decoration and gives it a different meaning.

How to create a focal point in a room?

Now we come to the most important issue – how to create a focal point in a room so that it looks not only beautiful but also stands apart in the eyes of the viewers? What can be a focal point in a room? A fireplace can be a focal point. A coffee table or a window can be a focal point too. Once I visited a house that had a big window looking into the garden. That window with a big palm tree beside it made me appreciate the aesthetic sense of the host.

I would suggest you to choose a focal point that reflects your personality. If you love nature, place a big potted plant in the room and create a vibrant yet relaxing effect in the room. If you love books, get a uniquely designed bookcase to showcase your collections. You will find your guests getting attracted to the bookcase and admiring your taste.

Do you love collecting artifacts? Place a few but chosen artifacts on the coffee table that would leave your guests mesmerized by your aesthetic sense. Even a candle stand with colored candles can do the trick for your room.

If you want your room to look exclusive, mount a mirror in a beautiful frame on the wall and place lights that would highlight it. You can organize pictures on a wall to make it the focal point. Similarly, brightly colored rugs placed at the centre of a room would act as a strong focal point.

While choosing a focal point, remember to arrange the furniture in a way to make everyone appreciate it. Moreover for a focal point to work, you should keep the room clutter free. With these room decorating ideas, we hope you would be able to create a focal point that would leave your guests surprised.

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