Wednesday, January 21, 2015

How To Use a Silk Flower Centerpiece as a Focal Point In a Room

Do you know what makes a home stand out? The answer is the successful use of a focal point in the decor. People often make the mistake of putting too many things in a room and failing to create an impact. If you want to make your guests take notice of your room and praise your taste, go for unique items to create a focal point.

How to create a focal point?

Just like the hotel in the picture above used a silk flower arrangement as the focal point of their lobby you can use this in a scaled down version in your home. In this regard I would recommend some flowers placed on the center table, coffee table or the dining table because it’s an easy choice for creating a focal point. What can make it unique is the arrangement style. People are using silk flowers more often today to create their own centerpieces and express their creativity.

Silk flower centerpiece – a joyful exuberance

When it comes to adding a splash of color to a room and making it look warm, nothing can beat flowers. They can be used in arrangements or mixed and matched with other items to create interesting centerpieces. Silk flowers like tulips, orchids, roses, daisies and lilies can be put together innovatively to catch the attention of your guests.

It is important to choose the flowers only after much deliberation of what the entire room will be. The season, occasion and your entire home decor should play a part in selecting the fake flowers. Plan and get flowers of your choice from a well known vendor so that you get good quality materials.

After procuring the flowers, it is time to select a container. Apart from vases, you can use other containers to hold the flowers. The color and material of the container must fit your style and the flower sprays.

Roses and tulips should be placed in broad or tall vases whereas hydrangeas look good in a round container. Urns with metallic finish or glass bottles in interesting shapes would help you to make your centerpiece more attractive.

Do not put flowers of same length together. You may have to use shears to cut off the stems of the flowers to make them of unequal heights. Using foliage or other natural materials would make the arrangement more interesting. Pebbles, marbles, dried twigs or even colorful stones can be used. Small fruits can be placed as fillers and also for a dramatic effect.

When placing the flowers into the vase or container, use them in different sizes to create a more natural look. The smaller ones should come near the base and the taller ones at the top to create harmony.

Keep experimenting and watch how the silk flower centerpiece impacts the entire house. Once you’re done it is time to let your guests appreciate your creativity and give you a thumb up for a beautiful home.

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