Thursday, January 8, 2015

How Many Silk Plants Do You Put in a Room?

When purchasing silk plants and trees there’s always that question of how many do you put in a room before it starts to look cluttered? Some people say only place 3 per room, some say less and some say more but when it comes right down to it, it is not only your preference but it also depends on how the room is laid out and the furnishings I the room.

When looking at silk plants and trees for a square room such as a living room with a sofa, love seat with end tables and such, you’ll want to soften the corners a bit. A potted tall silk plant or tree in the two forward corners is a good place to start if it is a larger room. In a smaller square room you will want to only use one to save on space. However, this is entirely up to your tastes and the advice I’m giving is purely a rule of thumb in the industry. As for the end table and coffee table, you can use a small silk plant arrangement or flower arrangement to accent them. They should be small enough to allow you to place other items around the table that the silk plant is on. In this case the number is four silk plants for a larger square room and three silk plants for a smaller square room. There are exceptions to this rule when you have more furniture such as sofa tables, entertainment centers and shelving.

Multiple rooms that are open to one another are a bit different because you’ll want to make the rooms flow with each other. Finding textiles and silk flower arrangements that are I the same color palette are essential with this type of decorating. You can take a trip down to your local paint store to find color palette cards to bring home when you’re shopping for silk plants and flowers online. The only exception to this rule is when you have a long entryway such as a hallway that leads to the main part of the house. The best thing is with silk plants is that you can’t go wrong with just green.

Entry ways can be decorated to give your home a grand entrance and finely manicured look. Some of the most popular silk plants for this room in your home is the artificial topiary plant. One to accent a foyer or two to frame the entrance as you walk by will give your guests something to say wow over. If you’re fortunate enough to have a large foyer where you can place a table in the center of, then you can decorate it with a grand centerpiece such as a large floral arrangement or silk plant centered on the table. Many hotels do this to give their lobbies a grand entrance look.

When decorating kitchens you can add a touch of green around the countertop generally with a smaller silk plant arrangement. In order to save counter space use plants such as artificial grass or succulents as they tend to stand up taller rather than wide in the planter. You can display a bowl of artificial fruit on an island or kitchen table for some color. Typically two plants for the average size kitchen is a rule of thumb and just like other rooms this depends on the size and counter space of your kitchen. If you cabinets don’t touch the ceiling then you can add some greenery on the tops as the top two feet from the ceiling is usually the least utilized space in a home. Take advantage of this space and use silk plants to decorate and make your kitchen an elegant place to gather.
Just to recap the question on how many silk plants do you put in a room when decorating; it’s really up to your personal preference. Rule of thumb is three for smaller rooms and four to five for larger rooms. Of course this all depends on the type of décor you have and what you like because after all it’s you that has to be happy and comfortable in your home.

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