Friday, January 30, 2015

Add a Splash of Color to Your Room With Silk Flowers

Is your room looking a bit dull these days? Maybe it requires a makeover but considering the cost and trouble involved you are refraining yourself. What if we suggest an inexpensive but creative way to add a splash of color to the room and make it look beautiful and stylish? Silk flowers are the answer and let’s see how you can use them to give your room a facelift.

How to use silk flowers to brighten up a room

Silk flowers when used in an innovative way in home decor can instantly brighten up a room. Using them at the right location adds splashes of color to a room and makes it look lively and warm. Imagine placing a bunch of red roses on the center table to welcome the guests. Tulips or lilies or peonies arranged in a floral arrangement can become the focal point of a room.

To show your creativity in home decor, go for unusual fake flowers and use them differently in floral arrangements to create your own style. Fake red dragon flowers are quite common nowadays. These flowers can immediately add a touch of color to a room. You can heighten the effect by combining these flowers with green foliage and placing them in a black vase.

For a dramatic look, you can choose red poppies in a black or brown vase. Put this on the mantelpiece or the coffee table and see the effect it creates.

If you prefer going subtle, choose silk lilies with green foliage for a more natural look. A black vase would create a contrasting look that would do wonders to your room.

Who said you can place flowers only on the tables? Put a bunch of flowers in a pot and hang them from the window. You can even create an illusion of height by hanging down the floral arrangements from the ceiling.

Calla lilies in different colors in a tall vase can be sufficient for a living room to look bright and uplift your mood.

The best thing about silk flowers is that you can buy them in dozens and mix and match them according to the season or mood. So, during the summer, go for lilies and peonies and choose tulips to brighten up the dull winter evenings.

You can even go for fake orchids if you like their unusual looks. Orchids in small pots and urns can be placed in the bedroom or other corners of a room to break the monotony of colors.

So, go ahead and buy good quality artificial flowers and give your room the makeover it deserves.

Monday, January 26, 2015

How To Use Silk Wedding Flowers In Your Wedding

Everybody wants to have a dream wedding and decoration plays a major role in making it perfect and memorable. To create an exclusive look, we need to pay attention to the centerpieces and design them innovatively. Using silk wedding flowers can help us to lend a unique look to the centerpieces and make people appreciate our taste.

Wedding flower centerpieces – DIY ideas

Silk wedding flowers can be used creatively along with other materials to create a lovely and memorable wedding decoration. You have to choose the flowers depending on the season and the theme of the wedding.

Here are a few ideas that you can implement in your wedding to create your own elegant and unique centerpieces.
If you’re getting married in the spring, you can go for soft blooms to create the centerpieces. Use clay vessels to hold the blooms and you can achieve a simple yet elegant look.

A winter wedding needs more color and brightness to fight off the dullness. Pine branches and red zinnias would make a lovely combination. However, if you are ready to surprise your guests, go for a red cabbage centerpiece. Yes, a red cabbage along with zinnias when placed in a wooden box makes for an unusual centerpiece idea. It’s easy to design and it will catch everybody’s attention.

Are you getting married in the summer? Warm weather calls for some soothing effects and hydrangeas would be perfect for the occasion. You may choose them in single colors like purple or mix a few and create a more colorful bouquet. They come is so many different colors that it’s hard not to find the color theme of your wedding when shopping for them.

A fall wedding can allow you to be creative and innovative with your ideas. You can use colorful leaves with fruits and flowers to set the centerpieces. Craft papers and ribbons can be used for an added effect.

Are you romantic by nature? Roses and tulips will allow you to create a soft romantic wedding. Use them along with leaves and take interesting urns to hold the entire arrangement. Even candles can accompany them to complete the look. Artificial rose petals are easily available and very inexpensive. These can be used to accent tables, runners or just drop them into a vase with water and a floating candle for a romantic touch.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Using Small Silk Flower Arrangements in The Kitchen

Some people find cooking very relaxing. Whether preparing an elaborate holiday meal or rustling up a simple dinner they enjoy cooking. Many not only take care to make their kitchen functional but also want it to be aesthetically pleasing. So they use interesting items to decorate the kitchen and even put flower arrangements to add a touch of freshness. Using real flowers is not always possible so small silk flower arrangements come handy.

Choosing silk flowers for the kitchen

You may love red roses but unless they match the color and theme of the kitchen, you may not want to use them in your kitchen decor. So using the right flowers is important to create the desired effect. If your kitchen is painted in soft and neutral colors, you can experiment a lot with silk flowers. Red tulips, purple hydrangeas or even lilies with foliage can be used in flower arrangements. If you have a big dining table, go for a tall vase and create a vertical illusion.

For a smaller table, having a spread arrangement would be better. Square urns, metal containers or even small baskets can be used to hold the flowers. In fact, choosing the right container is critical and can make your task half done.

If you are using a tall vase, you don’t have to put only flowers in it. Fake fruits would make a unique floral centerpiece. During the summer, you can use lemons with lilies. For the winter, keep aside the red berries or red cabbages. A square and flat container can hold silk flowers and vegetables from your kitchen garden for an exclusive look. Your guests will surely praise your taste and creativity.

Don’t use only flowers but pair them with green foliage for creating contrast. Ivy or other fake plants can also be used in the arrangements. Even twigs and dried branches can be added for a garden like feeling.

If you love a green and natural look, go for more plants in the kitchen rather than flowers. Apart from the table, the cabinets can also be used to place small flower arrangements. A single flower in a small and old coffee mug would create a nice effect in the right kitchen. Old utensils can be repainted and used to hold the flowers. This way you can recycle the items and also use the space available effectively.

Using small silk flower arrangements can make the kitchen look relaxing and make your cooking more fun. Keep on recycling the flowers and using them according to the season to give your kitchen an affordable and easy makeover as desired.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

How To Use a Silk Flower Centerpiece as a Focal Point In a Room

Do you know what makes a home stand out? The answer is the successful use of a focal point in the decor. People often make the mistake of putting too many things in a room and failing to create an impact. If you want to make your guests take notice of your room and praise your taste, go for unique items to create a focal point.

How to create a focal point?

Just like the hotel in the picture above used a silk flower arrangement as the focal point of their lobby you can use this in a scaled down version in your home. In this regard I would recommend some flowers placed on the center table, coffee table or the dining table because it’s an easy choice for creating a focal point. What can make it unique is the arrangement style. People are using silk flowers more often today to create their own centerpieces and express their creativity.

Silk flower centerpiece – a joyful exuberance

When it comes to adding a splash of color to a room and making it look warm, nothing can beat flowers. They can be used in arrangements or mixed and matched with other items to create interesting centerpieces. Silk flowers like tulips, orchids, roses, daisies and lilies can be put together innovatively to catch the attention of your guests.

It is important to choose the flowers only after much deliberation of what the entire room will be. The season, occasion and your entire home decor should play a part in selecting the fake flowers. Plan and get flowers of your choice from a well known vendor so that you get good quality materials.

After procuring the flowers, it is time to select a container. Apart from vases, you can use other containers to hold the flowers. The color and material of the container must fit your style and the flower sprays.

Roses and tulips should be placed in broad or tall vases whereas hydrangeas look good in a round container. Urns with metallic finish or glass bottles in interesting shapes would help you to make your centerpiece more attractive.

Do not put flowers of same length together. You may have to use shears to cut off the stems of the flowers to make them of unequal heights. Using foliage or other natural materials would make the arrangement more interesting. Pebbles, marbles, dried twigs or even colorful stones can be used. Small fruits can be placed as fillers and also for a dramatic effect.

When placing the flowers into the vase or container, use them in different sizes to create a more natural look. The smaller ones should come near the base and the taller ones at the top to create harmony.

Keep experimenting and watch how the silk flower centerpiece impacts the entire house. Once you’re done it is time to let your guests appreciate your creativity and give you a thumb up for a beautiful home.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Small Living Room Ideas - Decorating

Small homes have become quite a norm nowadays due to soaring real estate prices and also problems in maintaining a big house. Having a cozy, small living room to return to after a hard day’s work is such a nice idea. You can experiment with the looks of the room more often and use items like silk flowers and plants to make the room look bright and cozy.
Decorating small living rooms – the ideas you can use

A small living room needs special treatment.

You cannot place heavy pieces of furniture nor use dark colors on the walls as that would make the room look smaller. Innovative use of lampshades, candles, flowers and mirrors can make a room look interesting and beautiful. While mirrors can create an illusion of space and make the room look large, the flowers can add brightness and warmth to it. Today, you don’t have to use real flowers and spend money by constantly replacing them. Fake flowers would fit your bill and style perfectly.

Why choose fake flowers for a small living room?

Real flowers look nice but need frequent replacement and care.Can you find time every morning to water the flowers? Fake flowers will save you a lot of effort and time. They are affordable and come in so many varieties that it becomes difficult to not buy several bunches. So, let’s see how you can use fake flowers in decorating a small living room.

When choosing fake flowers, go for the ones that look real. You don’t want your room to look like a plastic factory. Moreover, do not display your entire collection together. Do not choose big plants for a small room no matter how tempting they look. Opt for smaller ones.

Silk flowers like tulips, peonies, calla lilies and geranium will look good when arranged innovatively. You can use roses with peonies to create contrasting floral arrangements. Call lilies along with green foliage look good in a tall vase.Using different containers can be the key to creating a unique look for your living room. Apart from square or round vases, you can choose items like canisters or old coffee mugs to hold the flowers. Small flowers can be arranged in old saucers and placed on the window sill.

Empty glass containers filled with pebbles and stones can also act as the base for your own fake flower arrangement.
You can even hang the pots from the ceiling or the window and make the room look taller. Your computer table can have a tall vase with a single rose or lily to let your eyes rest on them when you feel tired.

When it comes to ideas in decorating small living rooms, there is no end to creativity. You just need to experiment with different items till you find your own style. The best thing about a small room is you can always change the look in an instant.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Outdoor Artificial Plants and Flowers

It's never to early to start thinking about Spring and all the flowers that come along with the warmer weather. I know it's in the middle of winter however, the spring thaw will be upon us before you know it. This video shows some great ideas with outdoor artificial plants, flowers and trees. These require absolutely no maintenance whatsoever.

When planting real flowers they may only last a few weeks before the flowers loose their petals. With artificial outdoor flowers you can have them last all year long. Many hotels and resorts use artificial plants and flowers in their outdoor spaces because quite simply there are areas they just can't get irrigation to. this makes for an easy and beautiful fix to this problem. Many guests will walk right by not even realizing they are not real.

Have a pool? this is ideal for these types of plants and flowers because most pool areas get some splash around the edges of the pool causing chlorine and chemicals to kill the foliage placed around the pool.

Live in an arid climate? when water rationing is in effect such as in southern California or other areas of the Southwest, this is the only way of having flowers in your yard. Many states in the Southwest are even giving tax credits for installing artificial grass and drought tolerant landscaping. You can check with your local government to find out if they are offering these types of credits or rebates before purchasing. Even if they don't offer any type of rebate, you still save hundreds if not thousands in the long run.

Of course many of the artificial outdoor plants and flowers are made of a poly blend plastic material instead of fabric like many indoor plants are made of, but this is done for a reason. The fabric indoor style silk plants and flowers are generally made of a coated or dipped polyester. If used outdoors it would be like hanging clothing out in the sun and weather for months on end. This would cause the clothing to fade and the same is with the indoor style artificial plants and flowers. This is why they outdoor versions are made from a poly blend plastic, often times it is UV treated, because it will last for years and won't fade like traditional style artificial plants and flowers.

The initial cost to acquire these is often higher than your typical indoor varieties however they will give you long lasting beauty outside. It is often time less expensive than having to hassle with live plants when factoring in the replacement costs each year.

We have one of the largest selections of outdoor artificial plants and flowers available, so browse our selection by clicking the link below.

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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Winter Wedding Centerpiece Creative Design

This is our choice for the most creative winter wedding centerpiece. They used artificial calla lilies zip tied to some branches and draped with clear acrylic beads hanging from the arrangement. This is then hung with clear fishing line to give the effect of it floating above the table. A few matching candles below brings the table and floral arrangement together. We liked the idea of the bride and groom having their own table that was decorated just for them. Great job and keep the pictures coming in!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

How Many Silk Plants Do You Put in a Room?

When purchasing silk plants and trees there’s always that question of how many do you put in a room before it starts to look cluttered? Some people say only place 3 per room, some say less and some say more but when it comes right down to it, it is not only your preference but it also depends on how the room is laid out and the furnishings I the room.

When looking at silk plants and trees for a square room such as a living room with a sofa, love seat with end tables and such, you’ll want to soften the corners a bit. A potted tall silk plant or tree in the two forward corners is a good place to start if it is a larger room. In a smaller square room you will want to only use one to save on space. However, this is entirely up to your tastes and the advice I’m giving is purely a rule of thumb in the industry. As for the end table and coffee table, you can use a small silk plant arrangement or flower arrangement to accent them. They should be small enough to allow you to place other items around the table that the silk plant is on. In this case the number is four silk plants for a larger square room and three silk plants for a smaller square room. There are exceptions to this rule when you have more furniture such as sofa tables, entertainment centers and shelving.

Multiple rooms that are open to one another are a bit different because you’ll want to make the rooms flow with each other. Finding textiles and silk flower arrangements that are I the same color palette are essential with this type of decorating. You can take a trip down to your local paint store to find color palette cards to bring home when you’re shopping for silk plants and flowers online. The only exception to this rule is when you have a long entryway such as a hallway that leads to the main part of the house. The best thing is with silk plants is that you can’t go wrong with just green.

Entry ways can be decorated to give your home a grand entrance and finely manicured look. Some of the most popular silk plants for this room in your home is the artificial topiary plant. One to accent a foyer or two to frame the entrance as you walk by will give your guests something to say wow over. If you’re fortunate enough to have a large foyer where you can place a table in the center of, then you can decorate it with a grand centerpiece such as a large floral arrangement or silk plant centered on the table. Many hotels do this to give their lobbies a grand entrance look.

When decorating kitchens you can add a touch of green around the countertop generally with a smaller silk plant arrangement. In order to save counter space use plants such as artificial grass or succulents as they tend to stand up taller rather than wide in the planter. You can display a bowl of artificial fruit on an island or kitchen table for some color. Typically two plants for the average size kitchen is a rule of thumb and just like other rooms this depends on the size and counter space of your kitchen. If you cabinets don’t touch the ceiling then you can add some greenery on the tops as the top two feet from the ceiling is usually the least utilized space in a home. Take advantage of this space and use silk plants to decorate and make your kitchen an elegant place to gather.
Just to recap the question on how many silk plants do you put in a room when decorating; it’s really up to your personal preference. Rule of thumb is three for smaller rooms and four to five for larger rooms. Of course this all depends on the type of décor you have and what you like because after all it’s you that has to be happy and comfortable in your home.