Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Silk Plants - History

Family sitting around a table making silk flowers.

Back in the 19th century artificial plants and flowers were actually made from silk fabric. As seed in the picture above, families used to sit around their table making silk flowers to make a living for the family. As soon as other fabrics such as rayon came along they Started making them at a lower cost. When they were primarily made from silk they were thought to be a luxury item for the wealthy.

Now that times have changed and technology is becoming more and more advanced, the artificial plants and flowers seen today are made of mostly a silk screened polyester fabric. It's very much still an art to make these plants and flowers as some of the painting and arranging are still done by hand making each one individual in it's own right. Some of the highly detailed ones like we have on our site are hard to tell from the real thing just by looking at them. Even then, you may have to touch them to tell they're fake.

Even though the fabric has changed the name "silk plants and flowers" has stuck. To make flowers out of silk today would be very expensive and you still wouldn't have the realistic look of the more popular fabrics being used today.

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