Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Preserved Plants For The Most Critical in Quality

With many request to add a preserved line of plants and flowers, we've done it. We've added a line of preserved topiaries, wreaths and flower stems soon to come. Preserved plants are great for the person who want real plants but doesn't have the time to water or constantly prune the plants to make them look nice. Each one is made from the real plant or flower and then carefully preserved to last for years without losing its natural beauty. No more over watering or leaves falling off onto the floor. No more mold building up in the dirt or pets digging in them.

In addition to the maintenance free aspect of these plants, the aesthetic value is why most are interested in preserved over some of the lesser quality silk plants. For someone that has never had a silk plant or tree they may find it hard to overcome the plastic parts or fabric leaves. Most silk plants look real from about six feet away but when you go right up to them and touch them, you will know they're fake. This is very hard for someone to get over that is used to real plants but may not want the maintenance any longer. Preserved plants give them the look and feel of real without the maintenance involved. Now you can have the best of both worlds without the hassles of live plants.

To view our selection of the newest line to Quality Silk Plants click here.

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