Friday, June 6, 2014

Kitchen Decorating Tips With Silk Flowers and Plants

When decorating your kitchen the small things make the difference and adding a touch of color is key. As seen in the picture above a simple bowl of fruit on the counter top gives this kitchen a splash of needed color. Now real fruit can get old so in order to keep from changing the fruit you can go with artificial fruit. For a more country style kitchen try using fruits and vegetables to give that farm fresh touch of color.

To the left you'll see a small arrangement of flowers that accents an area where it would look bare if it were not there. Once again you have color that contrasts the background that it's set against. This makes the arrangement pop giving that specific area its own personality. If there's room by your sink you can add another arrangement to soften up the hard edges of the counter tops and cabinets. You may have heard us say the word soft a lot in our posts and that's because silk plants and flowers will soften the look of any room without the hassle of live ones. To the right is a kitchen nook table, without the centerpiece this table would look bare and unfinished. Whether you put flowers, a plant or some other type of decor such as candles, it changes the look of the space it's in.

We know this is a high end kitchen and for those of us that don't have the granite counter tops or luxury cabinets, you can still get a classic look by keeping the clutter off the counters and just placing a few silk flower arrangements or plants in strategic places where it looks bare. Don't be afraid of color and remember if you purchase through us and it just doesn't work, you can send it back for a refund. View our selection by clicking on one of the pages to the left.

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