Sunday, June 29, 2014

Artificial Plants Home Decor Is The New Trend

Above: Fishtail palm tree and orchid used as artificial plants home decor.

Artificial plants home decor has become more popular and more economical for designers and business owners alike. Many people shy away from them because they have a pre conceived notion that they look cheap and are not fooling anyone. This is simply not the case anymore with the quality of the craftsmanship has them even fooling Mother Nature in some cases. When it really comes down to it the use of artificial plants home decor must look good to you in order for you to be completely satisfied.

While walking through your local craft or discount store you’ll see many types of cheaply made, bulk style trees and plants that scream out that they’re fake. Unfortunately this is what a majority of people see and think that all artificial plants home decor is like this. This is simply not correct in the designer’s world. You may have thought that the very high quality artificial plants that look so real that you have to touch them must have been custom made by an artist that has been doing this sort of thing for years. This is the way it used to be, however one thing is correct, it does take an artistic person to manufacture the high quality ones but you don’t have to be to own them. With technology these days, it’s getting harder and harder to tell the real ones from the fake plants. If you’ve ever been to Las Vegas you’ve walked right by some and not even blinked an eye because they looked so real.

Details are the one thing that separates the fake looking ones to high quality artificial plants home decor. When you have real tree trunks or hand painted details on the leaves, this makes it hard to tell if it’s real or fake. Most will touch the plant, tree or flower arrangement to see if it’s real or not. Now these higher quality products are a bit more expensive that your typical discount store however, it really doesn’t matter what it costs if you’re not happy with it. To give you an example a typical cheap 6’ artificial palm tree in a discount store will run about $169, the higher quality version of a similar tree may cost you around $199. As you can see it’s still affordable and makes more sense to go with a higher quality product as it will make you happier with your decor.

Quality Silk Plants has a large variety of some of the highest quality artificial plants home decor that you can buy on the market today. With prices that most anyone can afford, you can have the same quality that used to be only high end designers had access to. Simple little things such as using real plant and tree components in areas of the arrangements to disguise some of the obvious artificial areas make all the difference. They will ship them right to your door and have a guarantee that lets you return them if you are not 100% satisfied for any reason. When done right you can have all the beauty that foliage brings to your home or office without all the bother of maintaining real plants or trees. To see some of our high quality artificial plants home decor click here.

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