Thursday, June 26, 2014

Artificial Fruits Discounted

All artificial fruits discounted even further than we have in the past. Huge sale going on right now during summer as we need to clear out space for new inventory that's coming in soon. Our artificial fruits and vegetables look anything but fake. We've even had stories of people picking up the fruit to take a bite and fortunately they realized it before they got it to their mouth. These are not your typical craft store or discount store plastic fruit; these are high quality and highly detailed pieces of art.

Some of the biggest requests we've had is to come out with a fruit or vegetable that not only looks real but feel real also. This is where our weighted line comes in; they are carefully weighted to mimic the feel of when you pick them up. These are great for outdoor events where wind may be an issue. We have a full line of weighted fruit such as apples, lemons, bananas, pineapple and much more.

Artificial strawberries tend to be the most sought after during this time of year. We also carry them in a weighted version and also soft to the touch making them feel like they were just picked from the bush. As fall approaches the artificial apples become more and more popular along with vegetables such as pumpkins and gourds. All year long is the time to decorate and whatever you’re feeling like, you can accomplish with our realistic fake fruits and vegetables for your home.

Planning a special event? We've worked with many event companies and can supply in bulk. For instance we had an event company throwing a lemon themed event at a hotel pool area. They needed not only fake lemons but they needed lemons that would float. We were able to accommodate them with their request along with other lemon items to finish off the decor. Our products have been featured on TV, high end hotels, amusement parks, feature length films and many homes across America.

Even a small bowl on your kitchen counter can make a huge difference in the look and feel of your space. If you're like most people you've gone through many floral and plant arrangements but none of them has given you the satisfaction that your kitchen is complete. Fruit belongs in a kitchen, vegetables belong in a kitchen, so the logical choice is to add this in the replica version so there is no spoilage and having to worry about replacing them every other week at least. Take a look at the kitchen below as all that was done to add a bit of color was to add some artificial fruit in a bowl on the counter. You can get as elaborate as an arrangement as we do carry these too, but if you want to get color for a discount price then use a bowl you already have or pick one up at a local garage sale that catches your eye then throw a dozen or so lemons, apples or bananas in to dress it up.

It really is as simple as that when it comes to decorating your kitchen with a bit of color. Hopefully you can use this as a bit of inspiration and if you decide to put some color in your kitchen then you will want to add some of our artificial fruits discounted to an affordable price without sacrificing quality. To view our selection you can click on the page below to browse one of the largest selections on the internet. Happy decorating and send us your pictures of your projects as we love to see what our customers are coming up with.

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