Sunday, June 29, 2014

Artificial Plants Home Decor Is The New Trend

Above: Fishtail palm tree and orchid used as artificial plants home decor.

Artificial plants home decor has become more popular and more economical for designers and business owners alike. Many people shy away from them because they have a pre conceived notion that they look cheap and are not fooling anyone. This is simply not the case anymore with the quality of the craftsmanship has them even fooling Mother Nature in some cases. When it really comes down to it the use of artificial plants home decor must look good to you in order for you to be completely satisfied.

While walking through your local craft or discount store you’ll see many types of cheaply made, bulk style trees and plants that scream out that they’re fake. Unfortunately this is what a majority of people see and think that all artificial plants home decor is like this. This is simply not correct in the designer’s world. You may have thought that the very high quality artificial plants that look so real that you have to touch them must have been custom made by an artist that has been doing this sort of thing for years. This is the way it used to be, however one thing is correct, it does take an artistic person to manufacture the high quality ones but you don’t have to be to own them. With technology these days, it’s getting harder and harder to tell the real ones from the fake plants. If you’ve ever been to Las Vegas you’ve walked right by some and not even blinked an eye because they looked so real.

Details are the one thing that separates the fake looking ones to high quality artificial plants home decor. When you have real tree trunks or hand painted details on the leaves, this makes it hard to tell if it’s real or fake. Most will touch the plant, tree or flower arrangement to see if it’s real or not. Now these higher quality products are a bit more expensive that your typical discount store however, it really doesn’t matter what it costs if you’re not happy with it. To give you an example a typical cheap 6’ artificial palm tree in a discount store will run about $169, the higher quality version of a similar tree may cost you around $199. As you can see it’s still affordable and makes more sense to go with a higher quality product as it will make you happier with your decor.

Quality Silk Plants has a large variety of some of the highest quality artificial plants home decor that you can buy on the market today. With prices that most anyone can afford, you can have the same quality that used to be only high end designers had access to. Simple little things such as using real plant and tree components in areas of the arrangements to disguise some of the obvious artificial areas make all the difference. They will ship them right to your door and have a guarantee that lets you return them if you are not 100% satisfied for any reason. When done right you can have all the beauty that foliage brings to your home or office without all the bother of maintaining real plants or trees. To see some of our high quality artificial plants home decor click here.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Artificial Bamboo Trees – The Most Realistic Of Them All

Bamboo trees are actually not trees at all, they’re a giant grass that grows very fast and is hard to contain. Bamboo flooring is becoming more and more popular because of this. Some types of bamboo can grow up to four feet in a 24 hour period! This is why artificial bamboo trees are not only beautiful but it doesn’t hurt the environment because of its sustainability. If you have the time and energy to grow these then it gives you a tropical beauty only bamboo can give. If you don’t then artificial bamboo trees are the way to go because the most of these trees are made from real bamboo stalks and have artificial leaves giving them the most realistic appearance.
Typically found in Asian countries, parts of Europe and as far south as Northern Australia, different species can grow in hot and cold climates making them the most diverse plant in the world. The most popular for use in home décor have been the Japanese bamboo, black bamboo, bambusa trees and bamboo palms. Unfortunately these are very difficult to keep alive in an indoor environment especially when the trees are in a confined container. Leaves will fall off quickly and there is an extensive amount of maintenance involved even if you have a green thumb. This is why many are reverting to artificial bamboo trees for their decor choice without sacrificing an overall look.

Artificial Bamboo Trees to the Rescue

Most artificial bamboo trees are made with natural bamboo stalks because they naturally preserve themselves and last years without maintenance. Holes are then drilled into the stalk then small stems of bamboo replica leaves are inserted and glued in. Generally you want to see the stalks because it gives them a more realistic appearance but this is up to the individual. Different styles will give your home or office a different look. See some of the most popular varieties below to see how they can fit into your décor.

Japanese Bamboo Trees

This is by far the most popular as they tend to have more leaves than your other styles. The leaves are a smaller leaf and clumped together more. The foliage tends to start lower on the stalks and gradually gets thicker as it moves its way up to the top. To the right is an example of a Japanese artificial bamboo tree. You may also see that the stalks are a smaller diameter than a biggie or the bambusa style; this gives it a more petite look. As you can see the leaf count on these are very high and typically over 2,000 for even the smaller trees. The number of stalks generally starts at around a dozen depending on the manufacturer. These are the easiest of the artificial bamboo trees to set up as they require very minimal fanning of the leaves to make them look natural and lifelike in your home or office.

Black Bamboo Trees

The stalks on a black bamboo tree are very similar in diameter to a Japanese bamboo however they are an espresso to almost black in color therefore giving them their name. The leaves are slightly larger than the Japanese version however they generally have in the thousands when it comes to the number of them on a black bamboo. Black artificial bamboo trees tend to have a more contemporary look as the black stalks contrast or can accent some of the decor you place in the room. These trees give you a very clean organized look when used in pairs or more. Most will have from a half dozen stalks to a large cluster like this one, so it depends on your use and preference. Recently we’ve had many designers telling us they go well with a shabby chic decor.

Bambusa Trees

These types of artificial bamboo trees will have a little more space between the stalks and let more light through. Typically the stalks are larger in diameter than others and will have a larger leaf than the previous two mentioned. These trees are great for areas that you would like to soften the edges but not block off an area from view. These artificial bamboo trees will come in a shorter version such as three to five feet tall. Trunks on these are typically natural and there is a bit more work to get them to look natural because the stem of the branches are longer. It will take longer to shape them and form them to look natural but its well worth it when you finish.

Bamboo Palms

This type of tree is very popular style because of its unique leaf style. The leaf looks almost like a long fish tail making it popular in the design world. Each leaf looks like a larger bamboo leaf but the leaf on the tip are connected toward the bottom as shown in the picture to the right. The stalks on these are typically green so this is one where the stalks may be artificial or a natural stalk will be painted. This doesn’t mean they are not as realistic looking as the natural ones, it just means they may be a bit more expensive because of the higher cost it takes to make them look real. Each trunk will sometimes be hand painted with all the detail of the real thing. Since the stems are longer it will take about 10 minutes to fan them out to get them to look natural.

In conclusion

Artificial bamboo trees are and have been one of the best selling trees next to palms in the decorating industry. Making them look natural takes very little effort and they are great for areas with limited space. As you may know many homes, apartments and offices are operating with limited space but don’t want the place to be bare. These trees fit nicely in corners or on the side of a desk to soften the edges. The average width on most of these trees is around 36 inches so you can see how this makes them one of the most versatile on the market. There are many places you can purchase them online but make sure you ask the questions if the description doesn’t say what type of trunks or how many leaves are on the trees. At Quality Silk Plants we have an array of artificial bamboo trees making us one of the largest suppliers in the U.S.

Artificial Fruits Discounted

All artificial fruits discounted even further than we have in the past. Huge sale going on right now during summer as we need to clear out space for new inventory that's coming in soon. Our artificial fruits and vegetables look anything but fake. We've even had stories of people picking up the fruit to take a bite and fortunately they realized it before they got it to their mouth. These are not your typical craft store or discount store plastic fruit; these are high quality and highly detailed pieces of art.

Some of the biggest requests we've had is to come out with a fruit or vegetable that not only looks real but feel real also. This is where our weighted line comes in; they are carefully weighted to mimic the feel of when you pick them up. These are great for outdoor events where wind may be an issue. We have a full line of weighted fruit such as apples, lemons, bananas, pineapple and much more.

Artificial strawberries tend to be the most sought after during this time of year. We also carry them in a weighted version and also soft to the touch making them feel like they were just picked from the bush. As fall approaches the artificial apples become more and more popular along with vegetables such as pumpkins and gourds. All year long is the time to decorate and whatever you’re feeling like, you can accomplish with our realistic fake fruits and vegetables for your home.

Planning a special event? We've worked with many event companies and can supply in bulk. For instance we had an event company throwing a lemon themed event at a hotel pool area. They needed not only fake lemons but they needed lemons that would float. We were able to accommodate them with their request along with other lemon items to finish off the decor. Our products have been featured on TV, high end hotels, amusement parks, feature length films and many homes across America.

Even a small bowl on your kitchen counter can make a huge difference in the look and feel of your space. If you're like most people you've gone through many floral and plant arrangements but none of them has given you the satisfaction that your kitchen is complete. Fruit belongs in a kitchen, vegetables belong in a kitchen, so the logical choice is to add this in the replica version so there is no spoilage and having to worry about replacing them every other week at least. Take a look at the kitchen below as all that was done to add a bit of color was to add some artificial fruit in a bowl on the counter. You can get as elaborate as an arrangement as we do carry these too, but if you want to get color for a discount price then use a bowl you already have or pick one up at a local garage sale that catches your eye then throw a dozen or so lemons, apples or bananas in to dress it up.

It really is as simple as that when it comes to decorating your kitchen with a bit of color. Hopefully you can use this as a bit of inspiration and if you decide to put some color in your kitchen then you will want to add some of our artificial fruits discounted to an affordable price without sacrificing quality. To view our selection you can click on the page below to browse one of the largest selections on the internet. Happy decorating and send us your pictures of your projects as we love to see what our customers are coming up with.

Click here to view our artificial fruits discounted

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Artificial Palm Trees Outdoor

Many of us have a hard time keeping our palm trees alive in really hot climates where droughts are prevalent. Others live in areas where the climate just doesn't support palm trees or have areas that are just not practical to add a watering system to keep them alive. Artificial palm trees for outdoor use are becoming more and more popular because of their ease of maintenance. In the past when you place an ordinary silk palm tree outdoors you would get the dreaded fading from the sun within about 3 months on average. The UV rays turned them a turquoise blue color. Not very realistic looking after this happens and then you have to replace them spending more and more money out of your pocket each season. At Quality Silk Plants we have a solution to this problem.

Our line of outdoor artificial palm trees are made from a durable poly blend material and UV protected so they will last for years without fading. Many hotels and resorts are using out outdoor palms to decorate around their properties. As guests walk by them most don't even realize they're artificial. Even in the harshest of climates where the area you're thinking of putting them in gets full sun exposure, you can be sure these will last for years and years. Many are afraid to purchase something like this because they are afraid they may not be realistic looking enough for them.

Above is an example of what can be done with these palms. Our made to order outdoor artificial palms are manufactured with the highest quality material and painstakingly detailed to match the real tree in nature. How they're put together is a key ingredient on how they look. For instance the above picture shows one of our outdoor phoenix palm trees set in a decorative planter and simply finished off with some outdoor asparagus ferns around the base. The simple addition of a plant or flower around the base of the tree allows it to have a more realistic look than one that doesn't. As you can see the trunks are highly detailed with all the nooks and crannies of a real palm. There are many styles and sizes to choose from and don't get put off by the price because the money you'll save on replacing traditional silk versions will far outweigh the expense of our UV treated artificial palms. Don't let someone tell you can treat a traditional silk palm tree with a UV protecting spray and it will last just as long because they won't. We've done extensive testing on the UV sprays available on the market and yes they may extend the life of them a few months but most were having to be replaced from year to year causing an expensive outdoor landscape. Our process of infusing the poly blend material with UV protection is much more durable and last much longer. The typical response from our customers is that they tend to last between 7 - 10 years before they have to think about replacing them. We not only carry outdoor artificial palms but also plants, flowers and topiaries. If they don't say UV in the description then they are ok for outdoor use however they may not last as long in direct sunlight as the UV protected ones. They are still a viable option if you're on a budget as they will last a couple years on average before needing to be replaced. The length of time they last of course depends on the climate, how much sun they're getting and how direct the sunlight is in your part of the world.

To view our selection of artificial palm trees for outdoors click here.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Artificial Fruit and Vegetables Can Liven up Your Home

Many of our designers are getting requests for fruit arrangements for kitchens. Whether it is in your home or business, artificial fruit and vegetables can do wonders for that space you just don't know what to do with. A simple bowl with some lemons and limes works well or you can go as far as a full on floral and fruit arrangement. Using artificial fruit and vegetables has become more and more popular because of the realistic look of these items compared to years ago. They are so highly details that many of your guests will touch them to see if they're real.

Take a look at our huge selection of fruits and vegetables at the link to the left and come up with your design or idea. Whatever it is, I'm sure it will add that special something your kitchen has been missing.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Preserved Plants For The Most Critical in Quality

With many request to add a preserved line of plants and flowers, we've done it. We've added a line of preserved topiaries, wreaths and flower stems soon to come. Preserved plants are great for the person who want real plants but doesn't have the time to water or constantly prune the plants to make them look nice. Each one is made from the real plant or flower and then carefully preserved to last for years without losing its natural beauty. No more over watering or leaves falling off onto the floor. No more mold building up in the dirt or pets digging in them.

In addition to the maintenance free aspect of these plants, the aesthetic value is why most are interested in preserved over some of the lesser quality silk plants. For someone that has never had a silk plant or tree they may find it hard to overcome the plastic parts or fabric leaves. Most silk plants look real from about six feet away but when you go right up to them and touch them, you will know they're fake. This is very hard for someone to get over that is used to real plants but may not want the maintenance any longer. Preserved plants give them the look and feel of real without the maintenance involved. Now you can have the best of both worlds without the hassles of live plants.

To view our selection of the newest line to Quality Silk Plants click here.

Friday, June 13, 2014

The Bird of Paradise is The Symbol of the Tropics

Can you tell if this bird of paradise is real or fake? read below to find out.

When you see the bird of paradise we all tend to think of tropical gardens and the islands. Incorporating this intricate flower into your decor can bring some of this home. Even if you live in the north you'll feel the warmth that this flower can bring to your abode. If you're still wondering if this flower is real or fake then you're just like many people that purchase our artificial bird of paradise flowers. They have to touch it to see if it's real or not. The one above is real but if you look at our artificial one below you'll see that it is of such high quality that you can't tell just by looking at it. Your guests will be amazed at its realistic look and many will just assume it's real.

To view all our colors, style and sizes of bird of paradise and other tropical flowers Click Here.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Silk Palm Trees - Bring the Tropics Home

If you're fortunate enough many of us take our summer vacations and visit tropical places. Whether it’s just a short drive away or all the way to Fiji it seems like when you get there it's hard to come home. I know I always come home with a new vigor and some inspiration from where I've vacationed.

My point is that you can bring your tropical vacation home with a little creativity and some help of some artificial plants, flowers and palm trees. No matter where you live you can always count on the silk version of these tropical plants to always give you the warmth you remembered in the tropics. A simple palm on a deck or some tropical flowers in your home decor can brighten up your mood and bring you back to the place where you relaxed and were in good spirits. We here at Quality Silk Plants know how to re create nature without having the hassles of live plants so browse our selection of silk palms, flowers and tropical plants by clicking on one of the buttons on the top left.

To view our quality silk palm trees click here.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Kitchen Decorating Tips With Silk Flowers and Plants

When decorating your kitchen the small things make the difference and adding a touch of color is key. As seen in the picture above a simple bowl of fruit on the counter top gives this kitchen a splash of needed color. Now real fruit can get old so in order to keep from changing the fruit you can go with artificial fruit. For a more country style kitchen try using fruits and vegetables to give that farm fresh touch of color.

To the left you'll see a small arrangement of flowers that accents an area where it would look bare if it were not there. Once again you have color that contrasts the background that it's set against. This makes the arrangement pop giving that specific area its own personality. If there's room by your sink you can add another arrangement to soften up the hard edges of the counter tops and cabinets. You may have heard us say the word soft a lot in our posts and that's because silk plants and flowers will soften the look of any room without the hassle of live ones. To the right is a kitchen nook table, without the centerpiece this table would look bare and unfinished. Whether you put flowers, a plant or some other type of decor such as candles, it changes the look of the space it's in.

We know this is a high end kitchen and for those of us that don't have the granite counter tops or luxury cabinets, you can still get a classic look by keeping the clutter off the counters and just placing a few silk flower arrangements or plants in strategic places where it looks bare. Don't be afraid of color and remember if you purchase through us and it just doesn't work, you can send it back for a refund. View our selection by clicking on one of the pages to the left.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Our Silk Plants are Waiting For a Home

We have thousands of silk plants, flowers and trees to choose from and our warehouse is just waiting for your to give them a new home. We are gearing up for the holiday season and you'll see the warehouse start to get busier and more full from the shipments coming in. Look for more sales in our manager's special page and check back often as we gear up for the fall season.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Simple Decorating is Sometimes Better

As seen in the picture above, something as simple as a single stem orchid can give a room some color. They don't take up much space and if you use artificial orchids they will last forever. Keep a couple in different colors to swap out when the season changes and you'll be surprised at how this simple little flower can make the feel in a room change dramatically. The best part about them is it's a very inexpensive decor piece and they come in thousands of colors to match your decor.

To see our selection of artificial orchid flowers click here.