Friday, May 2, 2014

Outdoor Wedding Flower Ideas

Having a beach wedding? Try using large white flowers to contrast against the blue waters of the ocean. Some foliage such as palm trees around the base of the alter or on each side of the isle adds some added green to really make it pop. You can get really creative when working with a beach wedding but remember to weigh everything down because beaches tend to get a little windy and you don't want decorations blowing away during your ceremony.

If your hosting your wedding at a golf course, don't be afraid to use color. The pop of color will shine through the green background and highlight your white dress. If you can't manage the colors you need in real flowers, then silk flowers are always in season and usually in the colors to match the theme of your wedding. Using the colors that are already present at the golf course can really make your wedding look like a million bucks

Here's a unique idea. Use rose petals to put the letter of the first initial of the last name or names in the isle. This can easily be used in an indoor wedding with silk rose petals as most churches don't allow real rose petals inside anymore for fear of staining the carpet. White colors work well against a green background and will always be in theme with any wedding. Outlining the isle with the same color petals and some flower arrangements in pots will frame in the letter nicely. If it's windy that day and you still want to add this decor item then try using some spray tacky glue on the grass to help hold the petals in place during the ceremony.

Instead of a traditional fabric runner you can also opt to use rose petals for the entire runner. Using color around the outside of the runner to frame it in then fill with white rose petals for a beautiful and classy look. If you're looking for the colors of your wedding's theme then artificial rose petals are the best bet. We carry some of the most realistic looking silk rose petals on the market today and don't forget to ask about our bulk pricing when ordering a case at a time. We know when it comes to weddings that every penny counts and you don't have to sacrifice quality for price. To view our selection of silk wedding flowers click here.

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