Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Silk flower arrangements – stun the world with your own creation

It doesn't matter what mood you are in, flowers can always bring a smile on your face. A room decorated No matter with flowers always looks bright and relaxes the mind. To add a touch of colors and warmth to your home, you can opt for silk flower arrangements and see how your home cheers you up in return.

How to arrange silk flowers

Silk flowers are an excellent option to decorate your home and give a vent to your creativity. There can be endless possibilities of using silk flowers in sprucing up your home and we will discuss a few of them here.

The types of arrangements

Before you get silk flowers and the necessary equipment, you need to decide the type of arrangement you want to create. You can go for horizontal or vertical arrangements. Even a crescent or an oval composition will look nice depending on the flowers you choose.

A horizontal display of silk flowers looks great on a sprawling table and you need to choose a shallow container to set up the flowers. Choose some focal flowers and place them at the center. Make sure you have something that droops over the container. Place filler flowers around them. Include foliage to give your arrangement a natural look.

To arrange flowers vertically choose a few long sticks. The length of the sticks would depend on the height of the vase. Ideally, the flowers should reach twice or at least one and a half times the height of the container. Moreover, it is always better to place the flowers beside the vase and get an idea how they would look. For bigger vases you need more filler flowers and foliage also.
For triangular arrangements, the height should be more than the width.

Now let us share some tips on silk flower arrangements that would help you to create alluring artwork.

a. For bigger arrangements, get thicker foams or clay.

b. Keep things simple. Choose only a few flowers for the centerpiece.

c. Stick to a few basic colors. Going for too many vibrant colors will fail to create the right impression. Also it is important to choose colors that go together. As for example, red and white, red and yellow, blue and white make classic combinations and you can create a variety of looks with them.

d. Add ribbons or laces or even natural items like apples, peaches and even walnuts to make your arrangement exude a natural look.

Arranging silk flowers is all about your own ideas and expressing them. Try new forms, experiment a lot and follow your own instinct. I bet your silk flower arrangement will always make the onlookers shower you with praises.