Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Interchangeable Decor Is the Hot Trend For 2014

There are some big trend changes coming this year. The hot ones will be interchangeable designs to match the seasons. Items that are easily changed out to give your home a variety and non stagnant look will be the thing to do.

There will be hints of shabby chic and the old Hollywood glamour will be coming back into style. Black and white is back with accents that shine. Old vintage furniture will be the in thing so don’t throw out that old dresser; reuse it in your décor. Earthy tones are on their way out and much bolder, brighter colors will be in style this year. Patterns in the form of floral are coming back. Not your typical floral your grandma used to have but newer versions. It won’t be a sin to mix silver and gold colors this year as you will most likely see them mixed this year in different ways. Traditional styles will become more popular than modern as people will want to feel like they’re home instead of back in an industrial warehouse. Plants to soften edges are going to be seen in more décor and will have to be interchangeable as the décor changes. This lends more to artificial plants, trees and flower arrangements as you can change them with your mood. Textures are going to play a major role in trends this year. Expect mixtures of patterns and textures to get hot.

This year will have many surprise trends that we just won’t be able to predict but these are our list of trends to be hot this year. We would love it if you could send your decorating pics so we can post them on our blog. Send them to: decorating@qualitysilkplants.com