Saturday, September 14, 2013

Artificial Limes on Special

If you've ever had a cocktail party, small gathering at your home or a large event, then you know the little details are what many remember and ask about. We have an overstock on artificial limes and that means super savings for you. We've just added them to our managers special page and once they're gone they'll be back up to normal price. Use them as décor or make something creative out of them to accent the special event you're having.

Another use for them is to place them in a glass vase in your kitchen for a fresh cut lime look that will last for years. many of the designers we work with like to suspend these is our Quickwater artificial water product. It's easy to do and you'll get a look as if they are floating in a glass of real water. We've had customers tell us that when they put these out, they looked so realistic that one of their guests placed one in their drink. Now that's what I call a realistic looking artificial fruit. To view our artificial limes on special click on the link below.

Artificial Limes on Managers Special Click Here.

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