Saturday, September 14, 2013

Artificial Limes on Special

If you've ever had a cocktail party, small gathering at your home or a large event, then you know the little details are what many remember and ask about. We have an overstock on artificial limes and that means super savings for you. We've just added them to our managers special page and once they're gone they'll be back up to normal price. Use them as décor or make something creative out of them to accent the special event you're having.

Another use for them is to place them in a glass vase in your kitchen for a fresh cut lime look that will last for years. many of the designers we work with like to suspend these is our Quickwater artificial water product. It's easy to do and you'll get a look as if they are floating in a glass of real water. We've had customers tell us that when they put these out, they looked so realistic that one of their guests placed one in their drink. Now that's what I call a realistic looking artificial fruit. To view our artificial limes on special click on the link below.

Artificial Limes on Managers Special Click Here.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Manager's Special Pricing on Silk Bamboo Trees

2 new Japanese bamboo silk trees have just been added to the Manager's Special Page. One at 5 feet tall has 12 real bamboo trunks and 2,400 leaves to make it a very full tree. The 6 foot version has 15 natural bamboo stalks sprouting over 3,400 leaves making these some of the best quality bamboo trees on the market. The last time we had something of this quality it was only listed for an hour and a half before it sold out. Don't wait, go now to get you special one time sale. It's first come first serve and when they sell they are gone forever. We will post this to our Blog, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest followers first so they will have first notification of this and get the first crack at securing this great deal.

Purchase your bamboo tree by clicking here.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Silk Palm Trees Just Added to The Manager's Special Page

We just added 2 of these imperfect artificial phoenix palm trees to our manager's special page. We add new items every week and could be anything from one silk flower stem to silk palm trees and more. New item will be announced to our blog, facebook and Pinterest followers first so you'll get first crack at the items. Make sure you follow us and if something comes up that interests you, don't wait because chances are it will be gone the same day we post it.

Browse our current selection of great deals including this palm tree on our manager's special page by clicking here.