Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Artificial Plants Are The Future

Silk and artificial plants are becoming more and more popular and even trendy in some cases today. Many high end hotels, resorts and designers are using them in special circumstances. Some plants are just not the color you’re looking for and may be hard to maintain in certain areas of the world. For instance Las Vegas is a prime example of the use of artificial plants. Las Vegas is in the middle of the desert and real plants are hard to keep alive because of the extreme temperatures and intense sunlight. Many hotels are using outdoor artificial plants in the décor around the hotel inside and out. Most people walk right by them not knowing they’re artificial. One example is the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino, they have a cluster of artificial palm trees in the area where you enter into the shark aquarium and many people are sitting right next to it thinking they’re real. My point is the craftsmanship of preserved and artificial plants are much more detail oriented than they were just 15 or 20 years ago.

The most common way to make artificial plants look more realistic is to mix them in among your real plants in your yard. Caesars Palace and Treasure Island are doing this in their landscaping indoors and out. Planting some artificial flowers and plants around the base of a real tree makes people not even think twice about if they’re real because they just assume they are. If you’re going to use artificial plants outdoors we recommend using something that is rated for outdoor use and UV treated. Many companies such as Krylon and Rustoleum have come out with a UV protecting clear coat spray that you can use on normal silk plants to help them last longer but the poly blend UV infused artificial plants will always out last the silk versions. A typical poly blend artificial plant that has UV protection infused into the material will usually last approximately 7 – 10 years where as the normal silk plants with UV spray may only last 1 – 2 years. Of course this depends on the amount of sun the area is getting and how intense the sun is in your area.

Some of the uses for artificial plants where real plants are just not an option are listed below. Also take a look around and see if there are any areas you would like to get rid of your high maintenance plants and replace them with artificial ones.

Apartment building balconies: Watering is hard for apartment buildings and placing artificial plants on a balcony allow you to have some privacy along with a serene place to relax and have your morning coffee or tea.

Hotel lobbies: As we mentioned before hotels and resorts are implementing artificial plants into their rooms, lobbies and room balconies to save maintenance fees and upkeep all while maintaining beauty.

Outdoor landscaping: From homes to businesses, many are swapping out their live landscaping for artificial, no water guzzling plants. This eliminates the high costs of gardening and water providing more profit to the hotels owners.

Pool decks: Many are placing artificial palm trees and plants around their pool decks. UV inherent products are recommended for this purpose as pools tend to be in the sun most of the day.

High shelving in your home: many of us have high ceilings and shelves that may look bare. Real plants are just too hard to water in these areas because they’re hard to reach. These are perfect places to incorporate artificial plants. You will only have to clean them about twice a year as compared to every other day of watering real plants.

Many of these uses are just the tip of the iceberg so be creative and look for different areas you can use them. There are many different qualities of artificial plants and you don’t want to go down to your local craft store to buy them. Sure, they may be cheap but they will look that way too. It’s better to spend a bit more to get some quality silk plants because they will not only look better but will last much longer also. If the artificial plants look good to you and fits with your décor, then go ahead with it.