Thursday, May 2, 2013

Tips and Tricks in Spring & Summer Silk Flower Arrangements

From the fake varieties that were so popular in the past, silk flowers have come a long way indeed. Those faux blooms that can easily be identified as plastic has given way to more real-looking leaves and petals which is why more home owners are applying this kind of décor to their homes. Aside from the realistic look, silk flower arrangements are also inexpensive hence many individuals find it ideal for their interior and exterior decorating needs.

By using the right vessel such an empty tin can or the typical vase, you can create a great centerpiece arrangement for the spring or summer without so much effort. Incorporate craft items already in your house and buy some silk flowers, then you are on your way to making a seasonal, stylish silk flower arrangement that does not ruin your budget. The result is a suitable decoration without having to dent your wallet.

Don’t get easily frustrated though when you have difficulty cutting the stems because of their thickness. When you know some tips and tricks on how to decorate with artificial flowers, you are most probably going to get hooked with the activity simply because it is fun and enjoyable to do.

The following are some guides on how to go about your spring or summer silk flower arrangements.

1. If you are planning to create something big, you should ensure that the base is strong to hold the arrangement properly. So instead of the usual foam, use floray clay as they are ideal weight additions because they are heavier and of course, can withstand heavy silk flowers compared to foams.

2. Even though there are types of silk flowers that are easy to bend as they are made from wires, there are still really thick stems that are a pain to cut. For this, you need to buy a sturdy wire cutter in order to work smoothly during the cutting phase. With the wire cutter, you can make a cut mark on those thick stems and then bend them backward and forward until it gives.

3. In summer silk flower arranging or with any other season, the appropriate way is to cover the foam or in large arrangements, the floray clay, with moss. To do this, you can use spray glue on the weight materials, then cover them with moss gradually.

4. Have a concept on what your arrangement will look like before inserting the silk flowers. Determine which types of flowers will go at a certain location and how they will appear. After you decided on the basic design, you can then bend the silk flowers based on your desired look and then start inserting them. But don’t take this for granted, insert the big flowers in the focal area and the smaller ones on the sides.

5. For the ideal artificial flower to incorporate in your spring/summer arrangement, get silk hydrangeas and make them as your focal point. You can paint your vase or can with an acrylic paint that is light blue. After letting the paint dry thoroughly, you can put some silk hydrangea blooms inside the vessel until it is full. A few silk sprigs of greenery should be on the inside and let them drape over the sides for a classic look.

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