Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Interior Design Styles and Ideas

There are a lot of options you can consider for your home’s interior design. New ones tend to be added constantly as designers point out nuances and incorporate variations within interior design styles. They do this to spin off new trends and attempt to make them stand out. With the addition of new styles, older ones undergo modifications reflecting the changing times and tastes. There are purists still adhering to older styles the way they were first established though.

The interior design style you will be choosing for your home affects the impact of your chosen décor elements. So before you make silk flower and plant decoration purchases, carefully consider the style of your home first, which can be any of these:

1. Garden
Silk plants and flowers are most fitting for homes with the Garden style. These plant decorations are best built onto wall exteriors, accompanied by several landscape pictures. Just remember that colors inside rooms have to be natural and vibrant-looking, bringing an outdoor ambiance into the living space. Large windows may also be installed for getting sweeping views of exterior landscapes.

2. Eclectic
The Eclectic style is rather varied. Colors and décor elements will strictly be up to whatever the preferences of owners are. Rooms can resemble any decorating style. This means you can choose whatever plant decoration you want. Many people prefer this particular style because of the fun in incorporating aspects of other styles.

3. Traditional
The Traditional style is more on formality. The main point in the style is to create a timeless sense of tradition. Colors may range from jewel tones with coordinating hues. Some browns, whites, blacks and gold will be perfect as decorative elements.

4. Funky
Get tables of stark lines and metal legs then pair these with bulky but comfortable chairs. Funky interior design styles invite visitors to make investigations of the cubbies and then sit with comfort. Avoid getting colorful plant decorations if you intend to go Funky. Color accentuation should be on the chairs alone with room elements creating a palette to add in some visual interest.

5. Contemporary
A Contemporary-styled home has features in solid colors. Properties have to be in contrast to blank slates of floors and walls. Furniture pieces have to be sleek, with sharp corners and straight lines. Accent plant pieces should also be kept minimal for the Contemporary style. Rooms are best left with an open, clean look for better visual appeal.

6. Shabby Chic
If you have a fondness for vintage, then Shabby Chic is the best option for you. This incorporates the British look, with all-white ceilings, floors and interior walls accented by vintage items on distressed pieces of furniture. You might want to get silk plants in soft pastel color to bring in more femininity to the home design.

7. Tuscan
This style originated in Italy and was first developed by farmers and tradesmen. The Tuscan style incorporates colors in natural hues with ocher and red reds. Tones blending the floors and walls must be kept mute. Furniture pieces should also be set soothingly and welcoming to everyone. If you plan to go for purple sofa pillows, then pick out silk flowers that come in pink and purple.

8. Asian
The Asian style revolves around the use of wide space. Rooms are often left with the middle part widely open, conveying a sense of openness in the heart which is valued in Asian culture. Pick out plant decors that have natural colors. You can also select those with bright colors if you wish for these to be the focal points.

Incorporating silk plants and flowers with different interior design styles is really not that complicated. All you need is to understand the main point of the designs and properly plan out your desired overall look.

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