Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Artificial Trees: Creating a Tropical Oasis in Your Home

Interior and exterior home design has become part of our lifestyle and comfortable living. Absence of home decorations would feel like we are living in a cage than a home. Hence, more homeowners and designers incorporate artistic decorations to improve the feel and atmosphere of every household, including office and business facilities.

The sun’s heat during summer can raise the temperature in your house. So, how do you prepare for the warm season? One of the best things that you can do is to change the outlook of your interior to improve the composition, feel, and atmosphere of your home. There may be some home designers who frown on using artificial trees, but when used creatively, it is definitely a décor you should not miss. The good thing about these plant decorations is that they offer less maintenance and are more affordable. Most importantly, they do not die. Their unchanging lush green color is exhilarating and cools down the mood. Hence, artificial trees are ideal choices for decorating your home, especially during summer.

Artificial palm trees

There are several types of artificial palm trees in the market. They come in different kinds of green hues and forms. One of the most popular is the bamboo palm tree. It is perfect for almost all kinds of environment and it blends well with other decor. Whether you are choosing for a Japanese accent home decoration or tropical feel design, bamboo trees can easily blend with the overall concept.
Areca palm tree is also popular. You can see it in many offices and hotels. However, this type of decoration is usually placed in the corners of the building. Not because it is not important, but it serves a purpose. Due to its dense foliage, it can be used to hide wall corners, especially the areas where electric outlets are in place. Kentia palm trees are also a common decor piece in commercial establishments. It's usually combined with other artificial trees, such as parlor palms, cycas palms, Chinese fountains, cane palms and areca palms.

Artificial Ficus trees

This type of artificial plant is usually placed in the house as its form simply lifts the atmosphere of the surroundings of your home. It features dainty, elegant, and lush green leaves that abundantly grow from the branches. Its lush foliage cascades around the stem, forming a perfect shade area below it. During summer, this tree can be incorporated in your home design to create a serene look to your rooms. However, if you have smaller spaces, you can choose the smaller ones so that it won’t take up a huge amount of space.

Cherry blossom trees

Cherry blossoms are great for summer, not just because it offers shade but its color can instantly turn your surroundings into a cool summer environment. Typically, it has a pinkish or reddish color however you can also find white or cream colored blossoms. You can base your color choice on the design of your house.

Tips to for proper maintenance of artificial trees:

Do not throw your artificial plants away after the summer. Instead, rearrange them in different areas or place new decorations on them so they would not look boring. Lights are a great option for decorating during the winter months as they add a glow and certain ambiance when you have guests over.

Recolor them to new hues if you wish to use them for celebrations and other occasions. You may even use your palm trees for Christmas, many are now using them as Christmas trees. Plus, trees can be cool decor for Halloween parties and decor.

Use your creativity so that they will be put to good use instead of just throwing them away.
These trees can be very tranquil and serene for those who are not living in tropical areas, but want to make an equatorial feel of their homes. You may have already decide on what type to buy and where you want to place your artificial tree. In this case you're ready to start your project, if not you can start at the page below to view our collection of quality artificial trees.

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