Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Artificial Trees: Creating a Tropical Oasis in Your Home

Interior and exterior home design has become part of our lifestyle and comfortable living. Absence of home decorations would feel like we are living in a cage than a home. Hence, more homeowners and designers incorporate artistic decorations to improve the feel and atmosphere of every household, including office and business facilities.

The sun’s heat during summer can raise the temperature in your house. So, how do you prepare for the warm season? One of the best things that you can do is to change the outlook of your interior to improve the composition, feel, and atmosphere of your home. There may be some home designers who frown on using artificial trees, but when used creatively, it is definitely a décor you should not miss. The good thing about these plant decorations is that they offer less maintenance and are more affordable. Most importantly, they do not die. Their unchanging lush green color is exhilarating and cools down the mood. Hence, artificial trees are ideal choices for decorating your home, especially during summer.

Artificial palm trees

There are several types of artificial palm trees in the market. They come in different kinds of green hues and forms. One of the most popular is the bamboo palm tree. It is perfect for almost all kinds of environment and it blends well with other decor. Whether you are choosing for a Japanese accent home decoration or tropical feel design, bamboo trees can easily blend with the overall concept.
Areca palm tree is also popular. You can see it in many offices and hotels. However, this type of decoration is usually placed in the corners of the building. Not because it is not important, but it serves a purpose. Due to its dense foliage, it can be used to hide wall corners, especially the areas where electric outlets are in place. Kentia palm trees are also a common decor piece in commercial establishments. It's usually combined with other artificial trees, such as parlor palms, cycas palms, Chinese fountains, cane palms and areca palms.

Artificial Ficus trees

This type of artificial plant is usually placed in the house as its form simply lifts the atmosphere of the surroundings of your home. It features dainty, elegant, and lush green leaves that abundantly grow from the branches. Its lush foliage cascades around the stem, forming a perfect shade area below it. During summer, this tree can be incorporated in your home design to create a serene look to your rooms. However, if you have smaller spaces, you can choose the smaller ones so that it won’t take up a huge amount of space.

Cherry blossom trees

Cherry blossoms are great for summer, not just because it offers shade but its color can instantly turn your surroundings into a cool summer environment. Typically, it has a pinkish or reddish color however you can also find white or cream colored blossoms. You can base your color choice on the design of your house.

Tips to for proper maintenance of artificial trees:

Do not throw your artificial plants away after the summer. Instead, rearrange them in different areas or place new decorations on them so they would not look boring. Lights are a great option for decorating during the winter months as they add a glow and certain ambiance when you have guests over.

Recolor them to new hues if you wish to use them for celebrations and other occasions. You may even use your palm trees for Christmas, many are now using them as Christmas trees. Plus, trees can be cool decor for Halloween parties and decor.

Use your creativity so that they will be put to good use instead of just throwing them away.
These trees can be very tranquil and serene for those who are not living in tropical areas, but want to make an equatorial feel of their homes. You may have already decide on what type to buy and where you want to place your artificial tree. In this case you're ready to start your project, if not you can start at the page below to view our collection of quality artificial trees.

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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Interior Design Styles and Ideas

There are a lot of options you can consider for your home’s interior design. New ones tend to be added constantly as designers point out nuances and incorporate variations within interior design styles. They do this to spin off new trends and attempt to make them stand out. With the addition of new styles, older ones undergo modifications reflecting the changing times and tastes. There are purists still adhering to older styles the way they were first established though.

The interior design style you will be choosing for your home affects the impact of your chosen décor elements. So before you make silk flower and plant decoration purchases, carefully consider the style of your home first, which can be any of these:

1. Garden
Silk plants and flowers are most fitting for homes with the Garden style. These plant decorations are best built onto wall exteriors, accompanied by several landscape pictures. Just remember that colors inside rooms have to be natural and vibrant-looking, bringing an outdoor ambiance into the living space. Large windows may also be installed for getting sweeping views of exterior landscapes.

2. Eclectic
The Eclectic style is rather varied. Colors and décor elements will strictly be up to whatever the preferences of owners are. Rooms can resemble any decorating style. This means you can choose whatever plant decoration you want. Many people prefer this particular style because of the fun in incorporating aspects of other styles.

3. Traditional
The Traditional style is more on formality. The main point in the style is to create a timeless sense of tradition. Colors may range from jewel tones with coordinating hues. Some browns, whites, blacks and gold will be perfect as decorative elements.

4. Funky
Get tables of stark lines and metal legs then pair these with bulky but comfortable chairs. Funky interior design styles invite visitors to make investigations of the cubbies and then sit with comfort. Avoid getting colorful plant decorations if you intend to go Funky. Color accentuation should be on the chairs alone with room elements creating a palette to add in some visual interest.

5. Contemporary
A Contemporary-styled home has features in solid colors. Properties have to be in contrast to blank slates of floors and walls. Furniture pieces have to be sleek, with sharp corners and straight lines. Accent plant pieces should also be kept minimal for the Contemporary style. Rooms are best left with an open, clean look for better visual appeal.

6. Shabby Chic
If you have a fondness for vintage, then Shabby Chic is the best option for you. This incorporates the British look, with all-white ceilings, floors and interior walls accented by vintage items on distressed pieces of furniture. You might want to get silk plants in soft pastel color to bring in more femininity to the home design.

7. Tuscan
This style originated in Italy and was first developed by farmers and tradesmen. The Tuscan style incorporates colors in natural hues with ocher and red reds. Tones blending the floors and walls must be kept mute. Furniture pieces should also be set soothingly and welcoming to everyone. If you plan to go for purple sofa pillows, then pick out silk flowers that come in pink and purple.

8. Asian
The Asian style revolves around the use of wide space. Rooms are often left with the middle part widely open, conveying a sense of openness in the heart which is valued in Asian culture. Pick out plant decors that have natural colors. You can also select those with bright colors if you wish for these to be the focal points.

Incorporating silk plants and flowers with different interior design styles is really not that complicated. All you need is to understand the main point of the designs and properly plan out your desired overall look.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Tips and Tricks in Spring & Summer Silk Flower Arrangements

From the fake varieties that were so popular in the past, silk flowers have come a long way indeed. Those faux blooms that can easily be identified as plastic has given way to more real-looking leaves and petals which is why more home owners are applying this kind of décor to their homes. Aside from the realistic look, silk flower arrangements are also inexpensive hence many individuals find it ideal for their interior and exterior decorating needs.

By using the right vessel such an empty tin can or the typical vase, you can create a great centerpiece arrangement for the spring or summer without so much effort. Incorporate craft items already in your house and buy some silk flowers, then you are on your way to making a seasonal, stylish silk flower arrangement that does not ruin your budget. The result is a suitable decoration without having to dent your wallet.

Don’t get easily frustrated though when you have difficulty cutting the stems because of their thickness. When you know some tips and tricks on how to decorate with artificial flowers, you are most probably going to get hooked with the activity simply because it is fun and enjoyable to do.

The following are some guides on how to go about your spring or summer silk flower arrangements.

1. If you are planning to create something big, you should ensure that the base is strong to hold the arrangement properly. So instead of the usual foam, use floray clay as they are ideal weight additions because they are heavier and of course, can withstand heavy silk flowers compared to foams.

2. Even though there are types of silk flowers that are easy to bend as they are made from wires, there are still really thick stems that are a pain to cut. For this, you need to buy a sturdy wire cutter in order to work smoothly during the cutting phase. With the wire cutter, you can make a cut mark on those thick stems and then bend them backward and forward until it gives.

3. In summer silk flower arranging or with any other season, the appropriate way is to cover the foam or in large arrangements, the floray clay, with moss. To do this, you can use spray glue on the weight materials, then cover them with moss gradually.

4. Have a concept on what your arrangement will look like before inserting the silk flowers. Determine which types of flowers will go at a certain location and how they will appear. After you decided on the basic design, you can then bend the silk flowers based on your desired look and then start inserting them. But don’t take this for granted, insert the big flowers in the focal area and the smaller ones on the sides.

5. For the ideal artificial flower to incorporate in your spring/summer arrangement, get silk hydrangeas and make them as your focal point. You can paint your vase or can with an acrylic paint that is light blue. After letting the paint dry thoroughly, you can put some silk hydrangea blooms inside the vessel until it is full. A few silk sprigs of greenery should be on the inside and let them drape over the sides for a classic look.

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