Friday, April 12, 2013

How to Decorate with Silk Plants for that Amazing Effect

The art of decorating with silk plants is no longer confined only to a clinic’s waiting room or a small business office. These days, homeowners can very well use the creativity that can be inspired from artificial plants. They add texture, warmth, color and excitement to any space without the hassle of maintaining a real plant.

It also lessens your chores because you do not have to keep a schedule with watering and re-potting duties. Plus, silk plants can either be placed in dark areas without the worry attributed to living plants. Interior living rooms, windowless bedrooms and dimly lit offices can now be brightened by silk plants, the same way that living ones enhance a space. But how do you start decorating your home with silk plants? Below are several suggestions.

1. Decide on a theme first or if you prefer different themes for various rooms, go on and plan them out beforehand. If you want a country cottage effect for instance, you can buy pansies, miniature roses, geraniums and other flowers that are normally found in a garden. For a tropical theme, you can go for hibiscus, birds of paradise, a banana tree, bromeliads and even a rubber plant to complete the lush, warm look. But if you want to have that streamlined contemporary ambience, get ficus trees, lilies, orchids and many other kinds of foliage plants.

2. To complement different room sizes, you have to get a range of silk plants in a variety of sizes and shapes. Set off your entryway with 2-3 large silk plants like a pair of sword ferns for example. On the base of your stairs, you can put another large plant such as a palm tree or you can make it as a divider between the living and dining room.

3. Another ideal use of large artificial plants such as ficus trees is to make them as a room screen between areas in an open floor. For instance, you can line them up (5-8 plants) between your dining room and home office. These large plants can also serve to set a tone of privacy for certain spaces such as in an entertainment area to give it a different space from the whole of the living room.

4. Counter tops and tables can be accented with flowering silk plants in groups of three or you can place them individually. You can put three orchids on the mantel, one bromeliad on a corner table or arrange your favorite flower plant to any of these furniture pieces.

5. For the bedroom, you can decorate according to its colors. If your daughter’s room is pink, you can pair it with a pink azalea. If your boy has a blue room, you can go for a blue orchid and for a peach guest room? Go for a peach hibiscus and other flowering plant with a peach related color.

As you can see, decorating your home with silk plants do not have to be difficult; you just need to stretch your creativity a little and you’ll have amazing rooms in no time!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

We Now Have Outdoor Artificial Geranium Flowers

Traditional silk flowers will fade within a few months after placing them in an outdoor setting but not these. After popular demand from our customers, we have added a new line of artificial geranium flower bushes to out outdoor line. These geraniums are made from a durable poly-blend material that is UV protected and will fend off the harsh weather and sunlight. These have been tested and are featured at many hotels, resorts, amusement parks and homes across America. Great for low light areas along with climates that moisture is at a premium. We offer them in three different colors including pink, red and white. Mix them in with live foliage for an even more seamless look to your garden.

To See them in more detail click here.