Saturday, March 2, 2013

Re-Usable Craft Water for Your Prized Vases

Many of us love to make our own arrangements and would like to use our own decorative vases to display them in artificial water. The problem with this is that almost all of the artificial water and acrylic water on the market is permanent and will ruin the vase. We’ve now come up with a version that not only looks like real water, but also is re-usable so it won’t ruin your vase and you can change your arrangements with the seasons.

Craft water is a gel like substance that will harden just enough to hold your arrangement in place all while giving the crystal clear look of fresh water. When you’re ready to change it out just heat it up and it liquefies again. For those of you that have never used this product, it’s as easy as making microwave popcorn. There are two methods for using this product, one is to heat it on a stove top and the other is microwaving it. I prefer the microwave as it is much more convenient and a bit faster. If you’re trying to reuse the water after it has already been in your vase you may have to use the stove top method if your vase doesn’t fit in your microwave. For a simulated water effect that won’t ruin your favorite vase, you’ve just found the right product. To purchase Craft Water some specialty shops and some hobby shops will carry a version of the same thing.