Saturday, February 2, 2013

Realistic Silk Rose Petals For Weddings

Our wedding day is one of the most important days of a bride’s life. You want that fairytale wedding where you have your flower girl or girls throwing hundreds even thousands of rose petals all over the church during the ceremony. But wait, most churches will not let you use real rose petals because of the possibility of staining the carpet not to mention they may cause permanent staining on your beautiful wedding dress. Our realistic silk rose petals are perfect for these situations as they are made with high quality and a natural look in mind. You will be hard pressed to figure out if these are real or not right down to the shape and color. We carry many colors of silk rose petals so you not only can use them during the ceremony but also for your wedding reception décor. Spread them on the tables for added ambiance. Make sure you tell the church that they are artificial.

Silk rose petals are not just for that special day when you say "I do", they have many uses that may be something other than your wedding. Try using them to fill a glass vase then place your silk flower arrangement in them. This is a bright alternative to artificial water, sand or dirt to give your arrangement a look of a custom designed piece. Try different colors to match your arrangement. Many people will use them on Valentines day for all kinds of creative things. We believe this is such a wide and creative use of silk rose petals that the sky is the limit. Best of all they float, so they can be used to decorate a bathtub on that special day. These petals are so realistic that you can even see the veins in the leaves and even to the touch you'll have a hard time telling if they're fake. Our silk rose petals are not the same as your typical craft store or dsicount ones, purchase just one time from us and you'll know why our customers keep coming back over and over again.

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