Thursday, February 21, 2013

Getting That Fresh Cut Look For Your Silk Flowers

Have you ever look at a flower arrangement and wondered if the flowers in the vase were freshly cut and placed in water? Then as you walk closer you realize that it is a silk flower arrangement set in acrylic water. Then there are the ones where you can tell right away that the water is fake and thus the flowers must be artificial. The acrylic water is yellow and the flowers are dusty making the arrangement look dull and very fake. If you've ever seen this you've probably stayed away from silk flower arrangements because you thought they would be a dead giveaway that they are not real. Many people feal the same way and the typical arrangements you see at your local craft store are just not the best quality on the market and are marked up so high that they just can't see spending the money for the quality.

With todays technology the silk flower arrangements are looking more and more like the real thing and in some cases are hard to tell unless you touch them. Many of our tropical silk flower arrangements are set in artificial water inside a decorative glass vase making them look like they've been freshly cut. The problem with lower end silk flower stems is that the flower looks nice but the stem itself looks very plastic and unrealistic. Our arrangements are prepared with this in mind and we only select the highest quality stems for our silk flower arrangements that are set in liquid illusion making every single on a piece of art. They may be a bit more expensive that the lower quality counterparts but you're guests will be impressed at the realism and watch as they touch them to see if they're real. In some cases we'll use real touch silk flowers so they may not even be able to tell the difference even when they touch them, how awesome is that?

Click here to view our selecetion of silk flower arrangements set in artificial water.

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