Friday, February 8, 2013

Creating A Contemporary Garden

When you think of contemporary you think clean concise edges, well manicured and definative shapes. Many apartment owners in the large cities use this method of decorating in their homes because of the uncluttered look it gives along with the lack of space most apartments have. Because of lack of light and and space in many apartments in large cities real plants and trees are sometimes not an option so many are going to the artificial version. When trying to get a contemporary look there are many silk plants and trees that will work for this application.

Artificial Japanese bamboo trees are a great way to give some height and maintain a clean look. In addition, using our artificial grass matts to fill in planters will give you a well maintained and clean edges either indoors or out. Cedar ball topiaries that don't look too bushy and planted in tall containers give a nice look to any home or patio without clutter. Remember to use angles and clean edges when choosing artificial plants for contemporary decor. Anything with concise corners or rounded edges work well such as squares and circles together in the room will finish off your contemporary decor with style.

To view some of our artificial plants for contemporary decor start here.

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