Thursday, February 28, 2013

New Line of Outdoor Flowers

If you’re like us and can’t wait for spring and all the colors it brings then you can start early with our newest line of outdoor artificial flowers. We’ve just added a new line of the fake versions of the real flowers like you’d see them growing in the spring. Your neighbors will wonder how you get your flowers to bloom so early but they may never find out that they’re artificial. Each one is made of a poly blend material to withstand the harsh weather and is infused with UV protectant so they will last you for years without fading.

Decorate your front yard by placing them around the planters or purchase some of the hanging flowers if you have planter boxes. These outdoor artificial flowers work well if you have planters on your windows where it’s hard to water or maintain them. Plant them in dirt to give them the most realistic look possible. Use some of our outdoor greenery in between them to fill in the blank spaces and your home will look great with no maintenance whatsoever.

If you have real flowers at your office entry then you may want to think about changing out those costly live plants with some of our outdoor artificial flowers. Since these are UV protected they will save you money over the long term. This will eliminate the need for water, repairing broken sprinkler heads and replanting on a semi-annual basis. If you would like to visit our page of outdoor artificial flowers click here.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Getting That Fresh Cut Look For Your Silk Flowers

Have you ever look at a flower arrangement and wondered if the flowers in the vase were freshly cut and placed in water? Then as you walk closer you realize that it is a silk flower arrangement set in acrylic water. Then there are the ones where you can tell right away that the water is fake and thus the flowers must be artificial. The acrylic water is yellow and the flowers are dusty making the arrangement look dull and very fake. If you've ever seen this you've probably stayed away from silk flower arrangements because you thought they would be a dead giveaway that they are not real. Many people feal the same way and the typical arrangements you see at your local craft store are just not the best quality on the market and are marked up so high that they just can't see spending the money for the quality.

With todays technology the silk flower arrangements are looking more and more like the real thing and in some cases are hard to tell unless you touch them. Many of our tropical silk flower arrangements are set in artificial water inside a decorative glass vase making them look like they've been freshly cut. The problem with lower end silk flower stems is that the flower looks nice but the stem itself looks very plastic and unrealistic. Our arrangements are prepared with this in mind and we only select the highest quality stems for our silk flower arrangements that are set in liquid illusion making every single on a piece of art. They may be a bit more expensive that the lower quality counterparts but you're guests will be impressed at the realism and watch as they touch them to see if they're real. In some cases we'll use real touch silk flowers so they may not even be able to tell the difference even when they touch them, how awesome is that?

Click here to view our selecetion of silk flower arrangements set in artificial water.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

How To Pot Silk Plants And Trees

Most of us when buying artificial plants like to have them already Pre-potted and ready to go however what most of us don't realize is that it adds extra weight and manufacturing costs for the product causing us to not only pay more for the tree to pay more for shipping. Here I'll show you how to buy non-potted plants and how to save your money by potting them yourself. It's easier than you think and once you get the hang of it you'll want to do it this way every time.

1. The first thing you want to do is go to your local home improvement store and buy yourself a basic planters pot, about 8 to 10 inches in diameter and height will suffice.

2. Then purchase some post setting cement, Quick Crete post setting cement works the best.

3. Pour the concrete about two thirds full into your pot, then place your non-potted plant inside make sure you support the plant or tree with something to make it stand upright. Once you have the plant supported to stand upright on its own you can now add water to the container.

4. Add water to the planters pot. The amount that works best for us is adding enough water to be about an inch above the concrete. No need to stir as the water will seep down into the concrete powder and will harden on its own. Only post setting concrete will work in this application and other types of concrete may not set up correctly. That's it, then you just wait for it to dry and your plant will be set up in a couple hours.

5. Next take your plant, after it sets up, place it inside your decorative container, fill in the empty space with either newspaper or some other material then top off with some moss or decorative rocks to add ambiance.

There you go; you have your potted plant the way you want it and you saved all kinds of money. This is just one way many people like yourselves are saving money when decorating their homes and offices and best of all you get to make your silk plants the way you want them to look. Browse our selection of silk plants and look for the Non-Potted versions and you’ll be able to get more for your money.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Artificial Cactus Arrangements Premade

Artificial cactus has always been one of the unique products that we carry however now we are starting to carry artificial cactus arrangements that have been prearranged. By popular demand certain types of cactus have been added to these arrangements. Cactus gardens generally have a variety of cactus colors, sizes and heights where some may have just one or two cactus set in a pot for a cleaner look. Here at Quality Silk Plants we carry a large variety of artificial cactus so you can make your own creative garden or you can browse our selection of artificial cactus arrangements which are premade and ready for display. If you have southwestern decor, there is no better way to display your artificial cactus than as a centerpiece on your dining room table, a window in your kitchen or on a fireplace mantle. If you're not looking to make your own, you should take a look at our newest premade cactus and succulent arrangements by clicking on the link below.

Artificial Cactus Arrangements

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

New - Floating Artificial Roses

Across the world having some type of water feature with flowers floating in them is a sought after effect to bring color and beauty to an event. Until now it's only been the high end and most expesive parties and wedding that could afford having hundreds and sometimes thousands of floating flowers. Here at Quality Silk Plants we know we've found a solution so that everyone can have the same elegance at their events without the high costs of real flowers. After many requests for us to carry artificial floating roses we have listened and now offer an assorted floating rose selection in a 5 inch version. Each box will give you an assortment of 9 different colors including 2 each of our most popular, pink, red and white. Floating roses can be used in many applications such as fountains, swimming pools, wedding centerpieces or even bathtubs. You can get creative with these and use them anywhere you have a water feature. Below are some inspirational pictures that can help you come up with some ideas of your own. Please send us pictures of your project using out artificial floating flowers and we'll post them for everyone to see.

To view our artificial floating flowers click here.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Spring Decorating With Silk Flowers

We know that winter is still in full swing however, spring will be here in no time at all. Filled with magnificent colors and smells, spring is our favorite time of year. Planting flowers can be a risk as we all get those late season freezes and snow storms that can wreak havoc on them making more work. Here at we've searched high and low to find the best quality and selection available on the market. Use silk flowers in your decor to eliminate the hassles but still give you a look of spring, all year long if you choose. Not real good at making your own arrangements? Don’t worry because we have hundreds of premade floral arrangements ready to display right out of the box.

To view our selection of silk flowers now, click here.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Creating A Contemporary Garden

When you think of contemporary you think clean concise edges, well manicured and definative shapes. Many apartment owners in the large cities use this method of decorating in their homes because of the uncluttered look it gives along with the lack of space most apartments have. Because of lack of light and and space in many apartments in large cities real plants and trees are sometimes not an option so many are going to the artificial version. When trying to get a contemporary look there are many silk plants and trees that will work for this application.

Artificial Japanese bamboo trees are a great way to give some height and maintain a clean look. In addition, using our artificial grass matts to fill in planters will give you a well maintained and clean edges either indoors or out. Cedar ball topiaries that don't look too bushy and planted in tall containers give a nice look to any home or patio without clutter. Remember to use angles and clean edges when choosing artificial plants for contemporary decor. Anything with concise corners or rounded edges work well such as squares and circles together in the room will finish off your contemporary decor with style.

To view some of our artificial plants for contemporary decor start here.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Decorating Your Office With Silk Plants

Many business owners are great at running a business, marketing and doing the books however very few have an eye for decorating the very place their customers visit. Taking time to make your office space look warm and inviting is key to converting a possible customer into a lifetime client. Many offices simply do not want the added maintenance associated with real plants as they require unsecured services to come in weekly to water and maintain. This is not only an expense but a security risk as well. Silk plants are increasingly becoming more popular than ever before in office buildings because of the ability to soften edges and make customers feel more relaxed when they visit. The cost savings over time is significant because cleaning the silk plants can be done by your existing janitorial or maid service. Take a look at the realistic looking silk plants we offer by clicking here.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Realistic Silk Rose Petals For Weddings

Our wedding day is one of the most important days of a bride’s life. You want that fairytale wedding where you have your flower girl or girls throwing hundreds even thousands of rose petals all over the church during the ceremony. But wait, most churches will not let you use real rose petals because of the possibility of staining the carpet not to mention they may cause permanent staining on your beautiful wedding dress. Our realistic silk rose petals are perfect for these situations as they are made with high quality and a natural look in mind. You will be hard pressed to figure out if these are real or not right down to the shape and color. We carry many colors of silk rose petals so you not only can use them during the ceremony but also for your wedding reception décor. Spread them on the tables for added ambiance. Make sure you tell the church that they are artificial.

Silk rose petals are not just for that special day when you say "I do", they have many uses that may be something other than your wedding. Try using them to fill a glass vase then place your silk flower arrangement in them. This is a bright alternative to artificial water, sand or dirt to give your arrangement a look of a custom designed piece. Try different colors to match your arrangement. Many people will use them on Valentines day for all kinds of creative things. We believe this is such a wide and creative use of silk rose petals that the sky is the limit. Best of all they float, so they can be used to decorate a bathtub on that special day. These petals are so realistic that you can even see the veins in the leaves and even to the touch you'll have a hard time telling if they're fake. Our silk rose petals are not the same as your typical craft store or dsicount ones, purchase just one time from us and you'll know why our customers keep coming back over and over again.

To view our selection of realistic silk rose petals click here.