Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Using Design Ideas From High End Hotels

Many of us have been to a high end hotel or at least have seen pictures of them with their beautiful rooms and lobbies filled with what seems to be high end décor. The truth is that many of these hotels are employing professional designers to create the look of elegance. What you don’t know is that these items are offered by us in the smaller home scale versions allowing you to replicate what the high end hotels are creating to wow their guests.

First take some time to browse the internet for some creative ideas that the hotels are using. Start with one product at a time such as an artificial flower arrangement and then search our site for something similar and sized for your space. Next move on to the greenery and accents they use to soften edges yet give a nice clean, elegant look. Our elegant arrangements page is a great place to start looking for flower and plant arrangements that are used in the high end hotels and resorts we sell to. If you’re up to it you can try starting from scratch and purchase all the items separately to make your own elegant arrangement that fits your style. All you have to do is look at some of the hotels and office building lobbies to get your inspiration. Have fun and send us your pictures when you’re done and we may feature your design in our blog.

Click here to visit our elegant silk flower arrangements page.

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