Sunday, January 20, 2013

Tuscan Design Ideas

Using greenery such as cypress, cedar and shaped boxwoods are a great way to finish off the Tuscan design look. Using urns to plant them in is a great idea however make sure, if they will be placed outdoors, that they have drain holes to keep water from settling in the bottom of the planter. Cone shaped are the most popular for Tuscan design however feel free to use spiral shaped artificial topiaries as they are a staple in Tuscan design.

Flowers such as brightly colored gardenias, bougainvilleas, sunflowers and morning glory are all great choices when trying to get a Tuscan style in your home or garden. Wooden planter boxes with some hanging outdoor artificial flowers are great to accent windows and over doorways. If you have a balcony, try adding some pot holders and set clay pots around the balcony with some for the mentioned flower bushes in different colors to brighten up your outdoor space.

Click here for Tuscan style artificial topiaries

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