Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Re Usable Craft Water For Silk Flower Arrangements

If you've ever created your own silk flower arrangement or wanted to change silk flowers in and out of your favorite vase, you know that you can't use acrylic water products. Acrylic water will permanently harden into your vase and when you want to switch flowers, it's impossible to save the vase. We've known about this problem and have looked for a product that can not only give you the look of fresh water but also is re-useable. Craft water is a gel like substance that you can easily mix and pour into your favorite vase then just insert your silk flowers. When you get tired of the flowers or the season changes you can take your flowers out and add new ones. Not every ones decor stays the same so you may want to change the color and style of your arrangements. Craft Water makes it easy to save your vase yet hold your silk flowers in place.

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