Thursday, January 10, 2013

Outdoor Artificial Plants For Privacy & Maintenance Free Beauty.

With the worst drought since the dust bowl in the thirties more and more people are having a hard time keeping their plants alive. Many have started replacing their indoor plants with artificial versions of the greenery that decorates their home. Until now there have been very limited options for outdoor artificial plants and especially hedges.

Many have tried placing the traditional indoor style silk plants around their yard only to find out that they start to fade and turn an ugly blue green color that doesn’t look natural. Since the traditional silk plant is made of silk screened polyester, it will fade after a few months just as if you were to leave your favorite colored shirt outside in the sun for a couple months. This can be expensive along with being ugly if you don’t constantly replace them on a regular basis. There are only a few options for artificial outdoor plants and some are very expensive but below is an inexpensive way to combat this problem.

We are now carrying a full line of professional grade to mid grade outdoor artificial plants including palms, bushes, flowers, topiaries and now hedges. If the description says it’s UV inherent or protected then you can take it right out of the box and place it in your yard for enjoyment. If they don’t, then the plant is made of a durable poly blend plastic that will stand up to the elements but will have to be sprayed with a clear coat UV protecting spray that you can purchase for about $11 at your local paint or hardware store. Krylon makes a great product for this and it’s as easy as spray painting the plant with the clear coat and letting it dry. It will keep the plants that are not UV protected keep their color and integrity for years. This little secret can help you get much more usage out of your outdoor artificial plants and in the long term save you hundreds and in some cases thousands of dollars.

Office building owners, hotels and property management companies are getting in on this growing trend as the cost to run these facilities are growing higher and higher each year. It makes sense as the maintenance on these plants are basically hosing them off from time to time and the indoor ones are just as easy when you use an artificial plant cleaner to spray on about once a month. It not only beautifies the properties but is also eliminates the need for plant care expenses such as watering and pruning services in turn saving companies thousands of dollars a year. Apartment owners with balconies love these new hedges because it gives them a way to provide privacy in areas where it would be almost impossible to keep real hedges alive.

We all know that plants and greenery add softness and a touch of elegance to any home, office or special event and now with the highly requested hedges, we have done it again and solved a problem that has plagued many for years. We will keep looking for new and exciting products in the future and in the mean time you can visit our newest line of outdoor artificial plants by clicking here.

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