Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Decorating With Artificial Palm Trees

When decorating your home it always helps to warm up the space with artificial palm trees. Interior decorators have used artificial palm trees for years to give a tropical feel that lasts all year long. When decorating with palm trees take into account the height of your ceilings, most homes have 8 foot ceilings which will allow for a 6 to 7 foot palm tree to be adequate. When placing the palm tree in a corner take into account the width of the tree, normally a narrow palm tree will go better in a corner than a wider one. Try using narrow areca palms, phoenix palms or a bamboo palm in these corner areas or where you have limited width as these tend to be narrower. For wider areas, a giant areca or kentia palm will be a good choice as the fronds tend to fan out wider than the areca or bamboo palms. It's natural for the palm leaves to rest up against the wall as this will happen even with real palm trees. Take your time to fan the palm tree out to give the branches a natural curved look which will make it look more realistic. Large planters are typically used with large palm trees giving them a more proportionate look. Adding Moss or ivy around the bottom of the planter gives it a more realistic natural growing look. River rock around the top of the planter is also a great way to give your artificial palm tree a naturally growing look.

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