Saturday, January 12, 2013

Artificial Wreaths To Decorate Your Home

Walking around at different times of year I’ve noticed that many homes display artificial wreaths on their doors, over their fireplaces and some on the walls in their homes. Each one is usually to celebrate a certain season and can be changed to match the time of year very easily. Interior decorators are using them in their designs to give a room that subtle but yet elegant touch of color and it’s magic. We all know Christmas is a big time for wreaths but there are many types of artificial wreaths you can use throughout the year to give your space a look only a wreath can present.

Wreaths date back to ancient Greece and the Pythian games which is now called the Olympic Games. Laurel wreaths were given to the winner of a competition as a symbol of their victory. Golden wreaths were only adorned by royalty. In ancient Celtic times in Europe they used to decorate their homes with boughs of holly wreaths to celebrate the winter solstice and the returning of the sun. This is what we now know today as Christmas wreaths that we hang on our doors. Christmas wreaths are by far the most widely used décor during the holiday season but know many people are using wreaths to decorate their homes all year long.

Traditional wreaths were made from real holly, pine or flowers but when they die you have to throw them out. Our newest line of artificial wreaths will last you for many years and will create beauty that not only looks authentic but is easy to maintain. Wreaths can be used for doors, walls, wedding décor or to decorate your cubicle at work where you have limited desk space. They come in different shapes and sizes along with styles of contemporary, traditional or floral style artificial wreaths. Spring and summer is a great time to hang sunflower wreaths, floral wreaths or green plant wreaths. Use orange, burgundy and browns to hang in the fall and winter. Of course don’t forget about Christmas wreaths for your decorating needs in December. Whatever you choose, you won’t go wrong with artificial wreaths because if you ever get tired of it just take it down and replace with another seasonal one, it can’t get any easier than that.

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