Monday, January 7, 2013

Artificial Hedges For Outdoor Use

Now featuring our newest plants to our outdoor line, outdoor artificial hedges. These are a great way for those of you that live in apartments or areas where it's hard to keep hedges alive all year long. Also great for office buildings to decorate indoors and out to give your office building or hotel a lush green look without the maintenance of real plants. Our hedges are made from a durable poly blend that will withstand heat and cold. We do recommend using a UV protectant coating to spray them down with if they will be outdoors and in direct sunlight for extended periods of the day. This will help keep them looking fresh and green for much longer than without any UV protectant. We're carrying a selection of large rectangular artificial boxwood hedges to small square ones that are pre-potted that you can place in a planter around a deck or balcony. There are many uses for these and your imagination is the only limit.

Click here to see our new line of outdoor artificial plants

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